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Let Me Hear it Barefoot

Country: Japan, Language: Japanese, 128 mins

Original Title

Hadashi de narashite misero
  • Director: Riho Kudo
  • Writer: Riho Kudo

CGiii Comment

Naomi, a student dropout, only believes in things he can touch. However, when he really wants to touch someone, he recoils. As is the case when he befriends Maki, a happy-go-lucky young man who lives with Midori, a blind woman who dreamily expounds about places she has never been. When Midori becomes seriously ill, Maki and Naomi send her tapes from an imaginary trip around the world. Their relationship becomes more intimate whilst recording, but they only dare engage in rough, painful horseplay.


Cast & Characters

Jun Fubuki
Kaho Ito
Masahiro Kômoto
Shion Sasaki
Tamari Suwa