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Private Desert

Country: Brazil, Portugal, Language: Portuguese, 125 mins

Original Title

Deserto Particular
  • Director: Aly Muritiba
  • Writer: Henrique Dos Santos, Aly Muritiba
  • Producer: Fernando de Macedo, Antonio Gon***alves Junior

CGiii Comment

A lonely forty-year-old policeman lives in the rich south of Brazil. His heart beats for a woman he met online. Although they never met in person, their relationship becomes deeper and more and more solid. One day the woman disappears from the web and he decides to leave for Bahia and look for her. Upon reaching his destination, he will discover that the woman he loves actually is a man.


Cast & Characters

Antonio Saboia (as Daniel)
Pedro Fasanaro (as Sara / Robson)
Luthero Almeida
Thomas Aquino
Laila Garin
Sandro Guerra
Otavio Linhares
Zezita Matos
Cynthia Senek