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This Is the Night

Country: United States, Language: English, Italian, 107 mins

Original Title

Once Upon a Time in Staten Island
  • Director: James DeMonaco
  • Writer: James DeMonaco
  • Producer: Jason Blum, Kate Driver, Sébastien K. Lemercier, Robin Mulcahy Fisichella, Jennifer Scudder Trent, Jeanette Volturno, Naomi Watts

CGiii Comment

Once Upon a Time in Staten Island is set in the summer of 1982 and has as its backdrop the release of Rocky III. The story tells of an average teen who embarks on a quest in his Rocky Balboa-obsessed town that swirls in his family members. Watts and Grillo will play his parents.


Cast & Characters

Madelyn Cline (as Sophia Larocca)
Lucius Hoyos (as Anthony Dedea)
Chase Vacnin (as Albie Lenza)
River Alexander (as Dov Sabian)
Steve Lipman (as Santo Saggese)
Naomi Watts (as Marie Dedea)
Jonah Hauer-King (as Christian Dedea)
Frank Grillo (as Vincent Dedea)
Constantine Rousouli (as Rafe the Handsome Mailman)
Lenny Venito (as Carmine Cacioppo)
Alestair Shu (as Teddy Wong)
Frankie Montero (as Gus Giammarino)
Bryan Amato (as Gus's Gang)
Jimmy Cajigas (as Gus's Gang)
James Michael Brandes (as Gus's Gang (as James Brandes))
John Combs (as Loan Officer)
Method Man (as Louis (as Cliff 'Method Man' Smith))
Bobby Cannavale (as Frank Larocca)
Adam Cantor (as Tall Sal Barbero)
John Cenatiempo (as Blaise Honorato)
Lee Garrett (as Tough Theater Male)
Juliette Pagano (as Elderly Woman)
Michael Zegarski (as Carmine Pocchia)
Isabella Pisacane (as Lena Mei)
Lea DiMarchi (as Danielle 'DD' D'Adessa)