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Waking Up Dead

Country: United States, Language: English, 71 mins

  • Director: Terracino
  • Writer: Terracino
  • Producer: Antonio Ardolino, Dayo Beverly, Joe Bohn, Melissa Jane Brantley, Joseph Craig, Emmi Grullon, Conrad N. Hill, Brad Littlefield, Jupiter J. Makins, Patricia McKenzie, Jordan Roberts, Ford Seeman, Adam Smith, Gary Smith, Terracino, Morgen Washam, Rich Wolff, Salvatore Zannino

CGiii Comment

"Danny is going through a breakup. With life."

Beautiful and self-destructive, hot-shot actor Danny Maldonado was once about to conquer Hollywood. Now, just a few years later, his career has flatlined, his boyfriend has dumped him and his long-estranged drug addict mother is dying. But when he's called in to audition for the lead role in the most talked-about new series in Hollywood, Danny vows to clean up his act, win his ex back and give the greatest audition of his life. What could go wrong?


Cast & Characters

Traci Lords (as Phyllis)
Judy Geeson (as Lila)
Jeannetta Arnette (as Nancy)
Cody Renee Cameron (as Ilana)
Angelic Zambrana (as Sabrina)
Patricia McKenzie (as Raven)
Vincent De Paul (as Matteo)
Ed Morrone (as Jacob J.)
Monia Ayachi (as Lana)
Gabriel Sousa (as Danny Maldonado)
Antonio Ardolino (as Anthony)
Marilyn Sanabria (as Ana)
Joe Chacon (as Tony)
Jordan Roberts (as Karen)
Kira Cahill (as Kate from Consolidated Credit (voice))
Joe Bohn (as Sabrina's Husband)
Nelson Arrieta Jr. (as Antonio)
Bryce Morton (as Carlos)
Ryan Anderson Lopez (as Rico)
Kapule Ravida (as Gorgeous Guy in Parking Lot)
Stacy Ann Garcia (as Jane (voice))
Elijah Surin Padilla (as Sabrina's son)
Tsogt Bayanmunkh (as Hot Guy in Shower #2)
Leland Dulac (as Young Danny)
Liam Burdiez (as Hot Guy in Shower #1)