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Country: United States, Language: English, 16 mins

  • Director: Tyler Rabinowitz
  • Writer: Sam DiGiovanni
  • Producer: Robert Bannon, Steve Callas, Levi Chambers, Joel DeCandio, Mohammed Darish Fakhro, Leland, Brandon Marlo, James Miille, Alex Mitow, Gail Nugent, Luca Piccin, Cece Reisenberg, Marcos Sotelo, Jeremy Truong, Lydia Woodward

CGiii Comment

So much left unsaid...just how we like it.

This really could be developed into something much bigger.


The(ir) Blurb...

A queer man and his two childhood best friends reunite for a weekend camping trip on Catalina Island.

Cast & Characters

Sam DiGiovanni (as Gus)
Ben Holtzmuller (as Brian)
Ronald Peet (as Will)
Emily Wilson (as Sophie)