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Coming Out with the Help of a Time Machine

Country: United States, Language: English, 20 mins

  • Director: Naman Gupta
  • Writer: Naman Gupta, Janki Parekh
  • Producer: Rahul Brahmbhatt, Pulkit Datta, Naman Gupta, Nav Gupta, Rita Meher, James Orfanos, Janki Parekh, Neetu Sharma, Cary Woodworth

CGiii Comment

The treads the fine line between comedy and drama like a well-seasoned funambulist!

Perfectly done.


The(ir) Blurb...

When coming out to his traditional parents, Sid uses his time machine to reset the day trying to make sure everything goes perfect.

Cast & Characters

Karan Soni (as Sid)
Sangeeta Agrawal (as Poonam Seth)
Raghuram Shetty (as Rakesh Seth)
Trella Mebieth (as Waitress)
Cody Azevedo (as Middle Aged Couple)
Ben Cable (as Cook)
Michael Conroy (as Cook)
Andrew C. English Jr. (as Boyfriend)
Nova Soares (as Middle Aged Couple)
Michael Williams (as Trucker)
Kai Woodworth (as Baby)