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Lectura (La)

Country: United States, Language: English, 10 mins

  • Director: Nova Duarte Martinez
  • Writer: Nova Duarte Martinez
  • Producer: Nova Duarte M

CGiii Comment

If you are going to open a film with a kiss...make sure it's a great kiss! That's all we have to say.


The(ir) Blurb...

Teenager Violeta has been living with her Abuela since her parents passed when she was younger. The two of them are very close but there is a partition put between the two due to Violeta being closeted and afraid to tell her Abuela about her sexuality for fear that she might damage or separate the ties between her and her Abuela. After experiencing her first kiss she comes home to her Abuela. Her Abuela decides to give her a tarot card reading and through the cards finds out she's in love. She assumes it's a boy, but Violeta cannot take it any longer and winds up confessing: It's a girl she's in love with. Abuela winds up being okay with it and they bond over a shared feeling of having both felt outcasted in their lives, Violeta with this and Abuela for being a Brujah. This whole thing rather than causing a larger gap, bridges them together.

Cast & Characters

Vanessa Camacho (as Violeta)
Jessica Plazas (as Luisa)
Lorena Tamayo (as Abuela)