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Red String of Fate

Country: Canada, Language: English, 10 mins

  • Director: Lovina Yavari; Lance Fernandes
  • Writer: Onna Chan

CGiii Comment

The production design is impressive.

The story is intriguing.

Definitely, ripe for development.



The(ir) Blurb...

During a civil war between humans and androids, In the year 2090, a robotics engineer tries to bring her fallen lover back to life by merging her lover's soul with an android's body.

Cast & Characters

Onna Chan as Sam
Lovina Yavari as X72 / Dani
Jason MacMullin as Hachi (voice)
Camellia Yavari as Paranormal Investigator Radio Host (voice)
Michael Gordin Shore as Radio News Reporter (voice)
Steve Kasan as Angry Protestor on Radio (voice)
Melinda Shankar as Danika Mondal