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See You After Quarantine?

Country: Taiwan, Language: Mandarin, 8 mins

  • Director: Ping-Chen Chiang
  • Writer: Pei-Yu Lin

CGiii Comment



The(ir) Blurb...

Interest in one old camera will unite two young men in the time of covid, who will get to know each other after the internet. One is Japanese Itsuki Sato and the other Taiwanese Chen Bo Chun. While the epidemic limits the physical connection between people, it cannot prevent the most beautiful emotion in the world.

Cast & Characters

Ya-Wei Chang (as (unknown episodes))
Lance Chiu (as (unknown episodes))
Akihiro Kawai (as (unknown episodes))
Aaron Lai (as (unknown episodes))
Ting-Chiang Lin (as (unknown episodes))
Ouyang Mama (as (unknown episodes))