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  • Our Dad, Danielle
  • Queer As Folk


Country: USA, Language: English

  • Director: Nick Stoller
  • Writer: Billy Eichner, Nicholas Stoller
  • Producer: Judd Apatow

CGiii Comment

Two men with commitment problems attempt a relationship.


Cast & Characters

Luke Macfarlane
Monica Raymund (as Tina)
Jim Rash
Billy Eichner
Harvey Fierstein
Guillermo Díaz
Amanda Bearse
Dot-Marie Jones
Bowen Yang
Eve Lindley
Ts Madison
Becca Blackwell
Benito Skinner
Miss Lawrence
Peter Kim (as Peter)
Guy Branum
Lauren Yaffe (as Lawyer)
Iván Amaro Bullón (as Bear)
Joanne Lamstein (as Straight Liberal Mom)
Phil Blevins
Anthony DeVito (as Straight Liberal Dad)
Mark Haynes (as Rowdy Bear #2)
Chris Carver (as Dancer)
Thomas Vorsteg (as Polyamorous Man)