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Phantom Project

Country: Chile, Language: Spanish, 97 mins

Original Title

Proyecto Fantasma
  • Director: Roberto Doveris
  • Writer: Roberto Doveris
  • Producer: Roberto Doveris, Aura Sinclair

CGiii Comment

Follow Pablo, a young actor who dreams of starring in a film, but in order to pay the bills he has to work as a simulated patient in medical schools and in weird sessions of alternative therapies.



Cast & Characters

Juan Cano (as Pablo)
Ingrid Isensee (as Antonia)
Violeta Castillo (as Sofia)
Fernanda Toledo (as Kathy)
Fernando Castillo (as Francisco Moraga)
Yasmin Ludueñas (as Camila)
Natalia Grez (as Ana)
Alvaro Agreda
Joaquin Aguirre
Tomás Allendes
Alberto Bascur
Marco Carmona
Mónica Danus
Constian de la Rosa
Gabriel Doveris
Constanza Fernández
Guillermo Galvez
Francisca Gonzalez
Claudio González
Alexandra Hyland
Paloma Larrain
Maria Ignacia Larrondo
Macarena Lopez
Ernesto Meléndez
Rocío Monasterio