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Simple Favor (A)

Country: Canada | USA, Language: English, 119 mins

  • Director: Paul Feig
  • Writer: Jessica Sharzer; Darcey Bell
  • Producer: Paul Feig; Mike Drake; Paris Kasidokostas Latsis; Jessie Henderson

CGiii Comment

It's official...suburban sexuality is as fluid as a gushing river.

A Simple Favor starts off rather schmaltzy, saccharine-sweet and tooth-achingly twee...and then, it flips and flops down a much darker avenue. So...stick with it.

The Martini-infused camp works a treat...because, it's neither played camp...nor is it played for laughs. Tongue-in-cheek it may be...but, Paul Feig keeps you guessing...behind all the sweetness-and-like and the in-your-face girl-power, there are rumblings that not all you see is the true picture.

It's snappy, it's contorts and squeezes itself into places only an octopus could accommodate...Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively - clearly - are having a hoot...and, that 'hoot' transfers [to the audience]. A pinch of salt - here and there - will be required...because, it does get a little silly...but, hey...what's life without a little silliness!?!

A thoroughly entertaining caper...with darkness!


The(ir) Blurb...

Stephanie, a dedicated mother and popular vlogger, befriends Emily, a mysterious upper-class woman whose son Nicky attends the same school as Miles, Stephanie's son. When Emily asks her to pick Nicky up from school and then disappears, Stephanie undertakes an investigation that will dive deep into Emily's cloudy past.

Cast & Characters

Anna Kendrick as Stephanie Smothers;
Ian Ho as Nicky Nelson;
Joshua Satine as Miles Smothers;
Glenda Braganza as Mrs. Kerry;
Andy Rannells as Darren;
Kelly McCormack as Stacy;
Aparna Nancherla as Sona;
Jiah Mavji as Sona's Daughter;
Ava LaFramboise as Lulu;
Blake Lively as Emily Nelson;
Henry Golding as Sean Townsend;
Dustin Milligan as Chris;
Danielle Bourgon as Grace (Stephanie's Mom);
Gia Sandhu as Valerie;
Lila Yee as Margaret (Sean's Mom);
Zach Smadu as Officer Blanco;
Andrew Moodie as Sergeant Molloy;
Sugenja Sri as Dennis Nylon Receptionist;
Rupert Friend as Dennis Nylon;
Patti Harrison as Kiko