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Masters of Love

Country: UK, Language: English, 85 mins

  • Director: Matt Roberts
  • Writer: Matt Roberts
  • Producer: Matt Roberts

CGiii Comment

It all centres around an up-coming [obviously, on-and-off] lesbian's ensemble, it's low-budget...and, it's a little bit wordy!

Everything is told...nothing is shown, this could have been - quite easily - a radio play! And, perhaps, it would have worked better on the old wireless...watching these - most unlikable - characters is a chore too far.

The grossly irritating vlogger is punchable, the crappy-stand-up-comedian is [for want of a better word] for the lesbian couple, one half high-maintenance, the other..bordering on the apathetic.

The conflicts [of which there are many] are all self-made and resolved's all very dizzying how readily the 'forgivenesses' are dished out.

Look...this is a debut feature and it does creak under the weight of inexperience...obviously, the intention produce a Richard Curtis-ish quirky little rom-com. Here's a little bit of advice: Start off by creating characters the audience will like, relate to, take into their hearts. Otherwise, like this will care a jot what happens to them. And, as for lasting impressions...well, all forgotten, soon after.



The(ir) Blurb...

British writer-director Matt Roberts' funny debut feature is an engaging, smart and wry take on the British rom-com, offering dark comic twists as it explores love and isolation in our technological age. A group of friends are at different stages in their relationships, and none of them are convinced about what they're doing: Emmy (Sarah Ovens) and Samantha (Eleanor Fanyinka) are due to get married; Josh (Owen Roberts) and Jenifer (Lizzy Watts) are breaking up; and Niall (Ciaran Dowd) is sleeping around. A low-budget film with a lot of heart.

Cast & Characters

Rosalind Adler as Mum
David Alderman as Steve
Bekka Bowling as Lily
Ciaran Dowd as Niall
Amy Downham as Woman in bar
Beattie Edmondson as Izzy
Eleanor Fanyinka as Samantha
Nela Gadek as Model
Katie Gould as Wedding Guest
Rose Johnson as Aggy
Heather Long as Tess
James McNicholas     
Sarah Ovens as Emmy
Helen Reuben as Young Comedian
Owen Roberts as Josh