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My First Summer

Country: Australia, Language: English, 80 mins

  • Director: Katie Found
  • Writer: Katie Found
  • Producer: Jonathan auf der Heide; Alisha Hnatjuk

CGiii Comment

Apart from a few swear words and a bit of sauciness...if Disney were to make a lesbian teen drama...then, this would be it! Replete with two bungling cops!

You will have to suspend your disbelief [totally] for the sake of enjoyment...or, you'll be tearing your hair out [in clumps] because of the sweeping implausibilities. Listing them would take's an overview...a 16 year old young woman has been raised in rural isolation by her mother [a renowned writer], she well educated, reads poetry...but, has no idea what her fingers are called [mainly the pinky], doesn't know the name for turquoise [as in colour] and the taste of strawberry is totally alien...even though she's been raised on a small homestead with a fabulous market garden! Into her isolated sanctuary walks a worldly wise 16 year old young woman [with terrible dress sense] and - in next to no time - they are at it like sapphic bunnies. Suspend that disbelief!!!

There's nothing like a good twist to revitalise a flailing film...unfortunately, My First Summer's twist was heralded - to anyone with a brain cell - at the very beginning. Enough, too cruel.

Look...for teen lesbian-leaning girls who like to make beady bracelets...this is their perfect film...and, it is beautifully shot. But...adults will find it far too naïve...and [may, as we did] wonder...are all 16 year old young women this immature...perhaps, only in the Australian outback!?!


The(ir) Blurb...

16-year-old Claudia has grown up in isolation from the outside world. Stranded on a remote property after her mother’s death, she is shocked when Grace, a spirited local teen, appears in the garden like a mirage, a breath of fresh, sugary air. The pair find in each other the support, love and intimacy they need, and teach each other the restorative power of human connection. But their idyllic peace is a fragile one as the adult world closes in and threatens their secret summer love. Headlining some of Australia’s brightest young talent, Markella Kavenaugh (Romper Stomper) and Adelaide’s own Maiah Stewardson (Windmill, STC, Patch), My First Summer takes girls seriously and sensitively.

Cast & Characters

Markella Kavenagh as Claudia
Arthur Angel as Mike
Steve Mouzakis as Detective Croydon
Edwina Wren as Veronica Fox
Harvey Zielinski as Detective Jones
Katherine Tonkin as Donna
Maiah Stewardson as Grace