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Country: India, Language: Hindi, 112 mins

  • Director: Anita Singh
  • Writer: Anita Singh; Gaurav Sarda

CGiii Comment

When church, temple, mosque or chapel are not completely separated from the mayhem ensues.

Even now, the UK has 26 Bishops in the House of Lords...these seats are automatically awarded and there crusty, outdated opinions are a matter of concern.

Now...think of the size of sub-continental India...with its many religions, languages and cultures...there's no legal mayhem here, it's a legal maelstrom!

To try and unravel some of the legislature is nigh on impossible...Anita Sing attempts that near impossible in a mere 112 minutes.

Obviously, the film does not/cannot go far enough...but, as an introduction, it does a decent enough job.

There are both heated and controversial opinions to be heard...mainly from the more academic - which will always be the failing of documentaries like these. Religion's [dwindling] success is pretty simple, run by academics for the non-academic. Education, ironically, is religion's greatest enemy...the more educated we become, the more we see how corrupt and insidious religion actually is...still, there many who needs to be given the opportunity and encouragement to see the educational light!

This is a film for those who have been given that opportunity and encouragement...and, in their own way, have become their own elite. Now, discuss those ramifications!

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The(ir) Blurb...

Homophobia is a construct of all religion. Why are you homophobic asks one man...because, it is rooted in religion. Without religion we would all have been so much happier...and alive! On July 2, 2009, Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code, a colonial law, which criminalizes the LGBT community on the basis of their sexual preferences, was decriminalized by the Delhi High Court in India after a long legal battle which was started back in 2001 by Naz Foundation. This judgment was overturned by the Supreme Court on December 11, 2013 owing to various socio-religious groups appealing against the High Court Judgment. Numerous people who had come out during this period were left in lurch and scared at the prospect of being treated as criminals in their own country now. The documentary analyses the judgments from both the High Court and Supreme Court and tries to understand if they were constitutionally valid or sheer travesty of justice.

This documentary is a prelude to the September 6, 2018 landmark judgment of the Supreme Court of India that had decriminalized homosexuality in the country.

Cast & Characters

Vinay Chandran
Deepu Sebastian Edmond
Anjali Gopalan
Rumi Harish
Dr. Lata Hemchand
Prof. Tariq Islam
Sanjay Kam
Ashok Row Kavi
Dr. C. Sharath Kumar
Sunil Mohan
Sandeep Nair
Dr. Akkai Padmashali
Adam Pasha
Gowthaman Ranganathan
Prof. T.N. Satheesan
Dr. Ratan Sharda
Shibu Thomas
Ruth Vanita