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Pray Away

Country: USA, Language: English, 101 mins

  • Director: Kristine Stolakis

CGiii Comment

Start watching this laborious, self-centred and monotonous documentary at the 1hour 21 minute mark...that's when it gets interesting.

That's when these hypocritical, caught-out fascist monsters, face their victims. Alas, it only lasts a minute or so...then, it's back to hearing these self-serving ex-ex-gay money-grabbing self-promoters...extol their regret.

Bringing up Matthew dare you! With your faux tears and appearance fee guaranteed.

As they say...a leopard can't change it's spots...beware the leopards who can...back and forth - when money and societal toxicity dictate.

Jesus Christ...Jesus would be so pissed off to see how his name has been taken in vain...for profit!

All the perpetrators featured - even though some have recanted - need to be held accountable. Sorry, is not enough - you damaged and ended lives.

You [all] need to be charged...criminally.

Obviously a film made by an ex-ex-gay perpetrator. Please, really can't believe anything, not a word, that these people have to say. They will - as they, themselves, have proven - say anything for money. Not for the love of god.

Let their victims tell their own stories. Let those who can' remembered. We don't want to hear from these cretins...anymore.

Disgusting. These insincere people...utterly disgusting.


The(ir) Blurb...

Pray Away is a powerful exposé on gay conversion programs, revealing the damage inflicted by shame and repression through intimate testimonies from current members and former leaders of the pray the gay away movement.