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Nowhere Inn (The)

Country: USA, Language: English, 91 mins

  • Director: Bill Benz
  • Writer: Carrie Brownstein; St. Vincent
  • Producer: Carrie Brownstein; Lana Kim; St. Vincent; Jett Steiger

CGiii Comment idea what to make of this...odd, just plain odd.

The opening scene is something quite a few people will relate to...who is St. Vincent? Her chauffeur has never heard of her...and, the chauffeur's son has never heard of her. And, up until this point...neither had we!

St. Vincent - according to this - is everything a rock star should not be! Basically...boring, healthy and happy. 

St. Vincent is Annie Clark's alter-ego, just like Ziggy was for Bowie...but, Ziggy was killed off and Bowie became a superstar...will Annie kill off the saint!?! No time soon and not ever's possible to construe this film as the starting point of such a murderous act...but, as this film makes plainly's St. Vincent who makes Annie Clark interesting...with Bowie, it was the other way around.

For fans, this could be their Marmite...loving the fact that she's a down-to-earth, pleasant and affable person...or, hating, the fact that she isn't a debauched, drug-addled harridan! certainly will divide the camp. 

Then, when you least expect pops Dakota Johnson - as the love interest. But, whose? Annie's? St. Vincent's? Is this a coming out? Or, a publicity stunt? Certainly, it would make Annie more interesting...but, for St. Vincent, it's only to be expected.

Nothing is at it seems...the blurring of fact and fictional will only be recognised by her loyal fanbase. For the rest of's an entertaining little oddity.


The(ir) Blurb...

St. Vincent sets out to make a documentary about her music, but when she hires a close friend to direct, notions of reality, identity, and authenticity grow increasingly distorted and bizarre.

Cast & Characters

St. Vincent
Carrie Brownstein
Ezra Buzzington as Limo Driver
Toko Yasuda as Toko
Chris Aquilino as Neil
Drew Connick as Robert
Tema Louise Sall as Camera Op
Erica Acevedo as Boom Op
Sean Liang as Fan #1
Sarah Tither-Kaplan as Fan #2
LaNora Terraé Hayden as Fan #3
Kash Abdulmalik as Brian
Michael Bofshever as Carrie's Dad
Rya Kihlstedt as Holly
Guy Nardulli as Security Guard