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Well Rounded

Country: Canada, Language: English, 61 mins

  • Director: Shana Myara

CGiii Comment

Big gay ladies talk about being big and gay!

Unless you are a big gay lady yourself, you're really not going to get much out of this. Talking heads recount shared experiences and absolute horror stories...and, unsurprisingly, there are a few [slimmer] pseudo-intellectuals who discuss contemporary society's perception of being rather is as interesting as it sounds!

Body-shaming is a bad. Body positivity is good. Being happy in your own skin can be nothing but good for your mental, well done ladies for being so positive and happy.

But...and, this is where the film falls apart, next to nothing is mentioned about the health benefits of losing weight, practically nothing is mentioned about the life-shortening risks associated with obesity. When body positivity ignores medical truths...well, that's just irresponsible. And, what you see on screen really does veer precariously close towards the, be happy, be're on camera!

A film with substance but no depth.


The(ir) Blurb...

Well Rounded is a documentary for all the fat, queer, racialized women who so rarely see themselves represented in the media. Here, six female entertainers are given space to share their stories and celebrate their bodies.

Through interviews with fashion-lovers and academics, among them beloved comedian Candy Palmater, Well Rounded discusses the impact of fatphobia, its origins and how we can fight back against it. Topics cover dating, self-esteem, familial support (or lack thereof), medical biases and the societal stigma around being fat, these vibrant women share their traumas and their triumphs without holding anything back.

This entertaining, colourful documentary encourages us all to be proud of our bodies and to love ourselves and one another unabashedly.

Cast & Characters

Jenny Ellison (as Self)
Ivory (as Self)
Lydia Okello (as Self)
Candy Palmater (as Self)
Janet Tomiyama (as Self)
Joanne Tsung (as Self)