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Country: Argentina, Language: Spanish, 77 mins

  • Director: Cecilia del Valle

CGiii Comment

There's a great big problem...and, it's not what you think!

This is Cecilia del Valle's first step into the world of the documentary feature...for success...the subject has to be gripping, the execution has to have a vice-like grip throughout...the filming should show a little bit of artistic flair.

One out of three isn't good enough...great subject, big subject...and then, there's the can't see the-wood-for-the-the-trees was all there dangling like a carrot...and, like sand, it drifted away.

Point-and-shoot, talking heads...never really getting to the point, there are some fluffy conversations that really do skirt around the massive concern that Canela do many transwomen. This film could have been the opportunity to actually help...instead, it's a video diary made by an uninvolved third party.

As for that elongated closing scene, no-one wants to watching anyone drive! Basically, if you don't have enough material, make a short film instead!


The(ir) Blurb...

Canela narrates the parenthesis in her life, a moment in which she debates between having gender reassignment surgery or not. With that concern, a search begins. She consults with healthcare professionals, her children, and old friends until she realizes something about her desire that she didn't really expect. Canela is a film as intelligent, funny, kind, cheerful and captivating as its main character.

Cast & Characters

Canela Grandi Mallarini