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Mala Mala

Country: Puerto Rico, Language: Spanish, 87 mins

  • Director: Antonio Santini; Dan Sickles
  • Writer: Antonio Santini; Dan Sickles
  • Producer: Paul Cupo; David Hinojosa

CGiii Comment

Trans*women's lives...told from different perspectives.

Some of these stories will be familiar, some are inspiring, others may even surprise...and, one opinion will - no doubt - offend quite a few! It really does make for a refreshing change from the usual trans*doc...

What's more...the production values are sky-high. Composition, soundtrack and cinematography...all way-above-average. There's no filmmaker intrusion, no silly agenda...this is their lives told by themselves...candidly, with any ado...apart from the only featured trans*man who is seriously frustrated with the establishment because Testosterone is not available to him. Otherwise, this is a fairly up-beat production...despite the obvious hardships each and all has had to face...and, will continue to face.

Some of these ladies do what they have survive. Some succeed in the bigger arena...all aspire to be who they want to be. Change is slow...but, change will always happen. This film will help change some reluctant minds...and, for has to be deemed a very important and enlightening film.


The(ir) Blurb...

Mala Mala is a new documentary about trans life in Puerto Rico. 

In a celebration of the trans community in Puerto Rico, the fissure between internal and external is an ever-present battle.

A unique exploration of self-discovery and activism, featuring a diverse collection of subjects that include LGBTQ advocates, business owners, sex workers, and a boisterous group of drag performers who call themselves The Doll House, Mala Mala portrays a fight for personal and community acceptance paved with triumphant highs and devastating lows.

Through riveting cinematography that encapsulates the candy-colored, vivacious personalities as well as their frequently dark personal experiences, directors Antonio Santini and Dan Sickles dynamically present the passion and hardships reflective of this distinctively binary human experience.

Cast & Characters

Jason Carrion as Himself