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Country: Taiwan, Language: Mandarin, 83 mins

  • Director: Lin Chun-Hua

CGiii Comment would be hard-pressed to find such a revolting character...who is known as 'Weirdo' - he spits absolutely everywhere - this isn't 'light' spitting, this is heaving-it-up-from-the-bottom kind of spitting. It really is disgusting...the effect: immediate character alienation and assassination. Doesn't matter about his backstory...he spews saliva like a dragon. When you have total apathy and repugnance towards the main character...that's a problem.

This film is riddled with problems...simply because there are so many, too many issues flying all over the place. But...the biggest problem is 'Weirdo' - recognisably trans from the off...the subsequent big reveal falls do most of the other storylines because they are so damned predictable.

Lin Chun-Hua had a good initial idea...unfortunately, that good idea was swamped by other not-so-good ideas. Ultimately, the film suffers under the crushing weight of contrivance...and from some seriously atrocious acting. Better luck next time!


The(ir) Blurb...

When Zhen-Zhen rushes to the top of a high-rise to catch her father in the throes of an affair, little does she expect to stumble across the dusty apartment of a strange old man. Intrigued by the mysterious identity and bizarre manners of this elderly character, who seems to attract ire and negativity from all her encounters, Zhen-zhen begins to visit him more often. Before long, the neighbours start to mistake Zhen-zhen for a prostitute hired by the old man, driving her mother to take the situation into her own hands. A story of empathy and the error of passing judgment on strangers.

Cast & Characters

Jian fu-sang as Weirdo
Wu Ya-ruo as Zhenzhen