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Transkids: The Movie

Country: Israel, Language: Hebrew, 90 mins

  • Director: Hilla Medalia
  • Producer: Hilla Medalia; Ronny Merdinger

CGiii Comment

90 minutes have been gleaned from the 250-minute mini make a movie! 90 minutes was quite enough thank you.

Wherever you stand on the trans-debate...this film should ruffle quite a few feathers.

Transition is a deeply personal and complex process...but, when the transference of the parents' ideologies are thrown into the mix, expect seismic moral explosions. These parents seem to be more concerned about their children's reproductive health, fertility and potential rather than the transition itself. Freezing eggs and sperm, surely, cannot be the solution.

There is too much tip-toeing and pussy-footing around trans issues...especially when it comes to young adults. The debate for and against puberty blockers will rage on and on...until there is enough scientific data to show - without doubt - the long-term affects, whether messing with the body's natural chemistry is harmful or not...until then, we must all err on the side of caution.

Decisions should not be made on behalf of these children...because those decision are their mere 'transferences' of an ideology that is so far removed from the trans-narrative. When you think about it, it makes no sense, it's nonsense.

Decisions should be made [on behalf of themselves] when the age of majority has been attained [not to be confused with the age of consent] and only when they have been given all the information, including the risks and potential risks.

A controversial film, a controversial review...the whole trans subject will remain controversial...not just because of personal opinion, religious views et al. But...because - there is no concrete scientific evidence - with specific regard to children and puberty blockers - declaring everything will be hunky-dory 20/30 years down the line.

Until that data exists...caution! Extreme caution!


The(ir) Blurb...

A documentary, based on Hilla Medalia’s (Dying in Jerusalem, Dancing in Jaffa) and the YesDocu channel’s successful documentary series.

Four Israeli teenagers undergo an irreversible life-altering process.

Four Israeli families must grapple with the unsettling process their child goes through during the already brutal enough teenage years; each in its one way.

Four years of intimate and raw documenting paint an emotional, dramatic, and eye-opening picture at the heart of which are some fundamental questions: what does it mean to be born in a body that is misaligned with your gender? How would we, as parents, react when the child we have raised turns out to be a different person to the one we thought they were? And is our love for our children truly unconditional?

In a long, unprecedented documentary journey, the director chronicles the physical, emotional and social ups and down in the foursome’s and their families’ lives – Israeli teens who, despite the hefty price, are no longer afraid of being themselves.

Cast & Characters

Romy Abergel
Noam Kaniel
Liron Matzas
Ofri Shemesh