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Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy

Country: UK | Canada | USA, Language: English, 105 mins

Original Title

J.T. LeRoy
  • Director: Justin Kelly
  • Writer: Savannah Knoop
  • Producer: Cassian Elwes; Dave Hansen; Mark Amin; Gary Pearl

CGiii Comment

It's a well-know story/scam...yet, this biopic - flatly - refuses to name names!

Eva = Asia Argento...and, if you want to know the names of all the celebs who jumped on the LeRoy the 2016, mightily funny, jaw-dropping documentary: Author: The JT Leroy Story - with this [more] truthful account, there's no hiding behind the [obvious] gagging order...put in place by God-knows-who!?!

Eva = Asia Argento...her vehicle - The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things - to plaudits and awards...despite a Cannes premiere...crashed and burned.

So...the scam continues...or, more's the case, squeezing every last penny [possible] out of a thoroughly decomposed story. Hopefully, this is the last the vicarious [in so many ways] Savannah Knoop.

Good grief...she does come across [via Kirsten Stewart's characterisation] as the epitome of moody and would think that pulling off a scam [such as this] would bring a certain joie-de-vivre [she's been living off of it for years]...being flown around the world, entertained by the glitterati...but, no...she moans and whines ceaselessly...sucking the 'joy' straight right out of the story.

But, hey...when you take it too far and fall in love with someone - who falls in love with you - who thinks you are someone else entirely...well, that ain't no laughing matter...but, when you think about's absolutely hysterical. Savannah/Kirsten does not laugh...jeezus, she barely breaks a smile throughout the entire film. But...when the 'serious' take themselves too seriously, they crash and burn.

Thank goodness for Laura Dern [she steals the show]...aka Laura Albert [LeRoy's creator], aka Speedy [LeRoy's effusive fake manager]...she's having an absolute hoot...and why wouldn't she!?! What a different film this would have been...if penned by Laura Albert!

As inventive and creative as the story is...the story-telling is anything but inventive. Justin Kelly tells it with the minimum of artistic/creative flair...what this fictionally factual film needed was a bit of pomp...the circumstances were crying out for it...the literati, the glitterati...all standing there...with egg...smeared across each and every face.

It should have been a hoot! Despite Laura Dern's best efforts...the hoot was reduced to a dullish toot!


The(ir) Blurb...

Kristen Stewart is at her charismatic best in this wilder than fiction true account of the infamous literary scam that fooled Hollywood. Stewart plays the androgynous Savannah Knoop who spent six years pretending to be the celebrated male author JT LeRoy, the made-up literary persona of her sister-in-law Laura Albert, played here by Laura Dern at her prickly best.

Cast & Characters

Kristen Stewart as Savannah Knoop / JT Leroy;
Diane Kruger as Eva;
Laura Dern as Laura Albert;
Jim Sturgess as Geoffrey Knoop;
Courtney Love;
James Jagger;
Kelvin Harrison Jr.