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Going Back Into The Care Closet

In the 1970's & 80's many people fought for equal rights for women, as well as decriminalising homosexuality. For the next two decades these people fought hard to not only decriminalise being Gay or Lesbian , but fought to criminalise discrimination on the grounds of gender, race ,sexuality and to give equal rights to marry for all, no matter what their sexuality.

Now in the 2020's, the first wave of these brave and passionate activists are reaching their 70's and 80's and instead of being cared for with compassion, they are finding themselves having to de-gay or go back into the closet because of the rampant homophobia in the care system.

Raga D'silva talks to Ted Brown, a veteran of the UKs 'Gay Liberation Front' about his experience with his long term partner being abused in a care home. Also, Eileen Chubb who Founded Compassion in Care an organisation that helps whistleblowers in the elder care sector and Stephanie Fuller, CEO of the LGBT Switchboard London who also shares insights on how elder Trans People are treated.