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Dating Amber

Country: Ireland, Language: English, 92 mins

  • Director: David Freyne
  • Writer: David Freyne
  • Producer: John Keville; Rachael O'Kane

CGiii Comment

This is one special film...

Played against a backdrop of tragedy and turmoil...two [gay] teens make the best of a bad situation...and, the compromises they have to make, to make life bearable.

With all the fun [and, confusion] of a [teenage] fairground...wave upon wave of bitter-sweet nostalgia will slosh away at your memories [depending on what age you are!]. This is the 90s...recent, for some. History, for others. This is Ireland and catholicism [like every other religion] still wields its dehumanising the grim reaper it is!

But...hallelujah...this is not a grim film, [although it does throw an immaculate amount of shade]. It pokes fun at this pious institution - simply - by showing a sex education video: He's always watching, even in the bedroom! Hilarious...but, scary! How did they get away with this crap?!?

A mighty congratulations must go to David Freyne...his [snappy] writing delves into some surprising places...touching upon many of the many types of love. As confusing as love  is to teens, multiply that by 10. The art - herein - is the simplicity as to how it is presented. Really...beautifully done. the two leads...the chemistry...lovely.

The moral that resonates is: Be true to thine self. And, the question is: Whatever will happen to Eddie and Amber?

If ever a film screamed: Sequel!!! This is it!


The(ir) Blurb...

Two school friends decide to start a pretend straight relationship in an effort to fit in.

Cast & Characters

Barry Ward as Ian
Sharon Horgan as Hannah
Fionn O'Shea as Eddie
Peter Campion as Sweeney
Lauryn Canny as Sarah
Simone Kirby as Jill
Lola Petticrew as Amber
Emma Willis as Tracey
Ian O'Reilly as Kev
Arian Nik as Adam
Andrew Bennett as Captain Rory
Tara Flynn as Reporter
Ally Ni Chiarain as The Nun