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Enfant Terrible

Country: Germany, Language: German, 134 mins

  • Director: Oskar Roehler
  • Writer: Oskar Roehler; Klaus Richter
  • Producer: Stefan Arndt; Uwe Schott; Markus Zimmer

CGiii Comment

Why not make a bio-pic about the style of Fassbinder himself!?! Brave? Daft? Bold? Delusional? All of abundance!

Look...prior knowledge of the beatified Fassbinder [and his litany of work] will certainly help. Needless to say, Fassbinder occupies - most assuredly - now and forevermore - the love-him-or-loathe-him territory. This film will do nothing but push the general consensus towards the loathing!

It doesn't take a genius to deduct, from this relentlessly scathing portrait, that the director - Oskar Roehler - loathed the man...or, is this some kind of revenge upon the best dead German director of all time [in some people's opinion] by the best living German director of the moment [in some people's opinion]!?! Oooh what a conundrum! But...the question has to be asked: Was Herr Roehler the best director for the job?

Yes! Not a whiff of sycophancy here. Some 'names' have been changed to appease the doesn't take a genius to figure out who they are! The Fassbinder Foundation stills wields an almighty the German film industry...thanks to the formidable Juliane Lorenz [don't mention Ingrid Caven].

Oliver Masucci plays Fassbinder as an absolute grotesque...he really is too old for the part [being 52 at the time of filming, Fassbinder died, aged 37]...but, that doesn't matter, he looks alarmingly like him...that's what excessive drugs and alcohol can do to you! And...he does deliver a performance more volatile than rocket fuel.

Enfant Terrible is a difficult film to watch...not because of how stylised it is...but, because of the cruelty. Fassbinder drove two of his lovers [of whom we know] to suicide. This man - all the time clad in his emperor's clothes - was celebrated, is still [bizarrely] celebrated...well, in light of all the cinematic scandals of recent...his celebration may be over as a result of this film. 

The emperor may - at last - be stripped of his new clothes. A most remarkable more ways than one!


The(ir) Blurb...

The life and the impact of iconic German New Wave director, Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Cast & Characters

Oliver Masucci as Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Hary Prinz as Kurt Raab
Katja Riemann as Gudrun
Felix Hellmann as Harry Baer
Anton Rattinger as Britta
Erdal Yildiz as El Hedi ben Salem
Markus Hering as Peer Raben
Michael Klammer as Günther Kaufmann
Frida-Lovisa Hamann as Martha (as Frida Lovisa Hamann)
Jochen Schropp as Armin Meier
Lucas Gregorowicz as Ulli Lommel
Simon Böer as Mike / Michael Ballhaus
Antoine Monot Jr. as Peter Berling
Désirée Nick as Bärbel / Barbara Valentin
Michael Ostrowski as Peter Chatel