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I Am Alone, So Are You...

Country: India, Language: Hindi, 117 mins

Original Title

Hum Bhi Akele Tum Bhi Akele
  • Director: Harish Vyas
  • Writer: Harish Vyas; Susan Fernandes
  • Producer: Anshuman Jha

CGiii Comment

Bollywood continues to pounce upon the Pink Rupee with this colourful yet shabbily written 'lesgay' dramedy.

What's there not to like? Just about everything. Is it relevant to the LGBT Indian community? Only if you are a rich, spoiled brat!

Any meaningful opinions about arranged marriage are swept very quickly under the carpet...and, being Bollywood, any seriousness is squashed rather quickly by lavish song-and-dance routines. In this film, those songs pop up without any rhyme or reason whatsoever.

Overall, it looks like this was made for the Western diaspora rather than for the residents of India...apart from the Bollywood trademarks, this is a cultural wasteland and a mish-mash of ideas and issues that simply don't gel to make a cohesive story.

As for the ending...offensive!?!



The(ir) Blurb...

When Veer (Anshuman Jha) and Mansi (Zareen Khan) bump into each other that night at a private party organized by a socialite for LGBT couples, the two bond like old separated pals and end up being on a road trip together from Delhi to McLeod Ganj - to surprise Mansi's girlfriend Nikki. Little did they know that this road trip will turn their lives topsy-turvy, and makes them understand what real love is & that it knows no bounds!

Cast & Characters

Anshuman Jha
Zareen Khan
Ravi Khanvilkar
Gurfateh Pirzada
Nitin Sharma