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Interview with the Vampire

Country: United States, Language: English, 60 mins

  • Director: Levan Akin, Keith Powell, Alan Taylor
  • Writer: Jonathan Ceniceroz, Rolin Jones, Anne Rice
  • Producer: Adam O'Byrne

CGiii Comment

Just started watching...if you are a stalwart Anne Rice fan, you're going to either disappointed, furious or surprised! Or, a mixture of all three!

Needless to say, a faithful adaption this is not. But...from the off, it's as GAY as Hell! And for that reason, it's a must-watch...stay tuned!

Well, well, well...just watched the finale, have to say...loved it! Yes, of course, there will be the dissenters...but, everything has to evolve, including stories, to survive. How many times has Shakespeare been re-imagined!?!

Coffin-sharing and blood's more arousing than it sounds! From where the film shied away, this series's not homoerotic, it's just erotic. Beautiful men, in various stages of undress, get in on and on and on. Ageless and limitless sex...this is called turning up the temperature of the original work...Anne Rice will not be reeling...she'll be sweating!


The(ir) Blurb...

In the year 2022, the vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac lives in Dubai and seeks to tell the story of his life or afterlife to renowned journalist Daniel Molloy. Beginning in early 20th-century New Orleans, Louis' story follows his relationship with the vampire Lestat du Lioncourt and their formed family, including teen fledgling Claudia. Together, the vampire family endures immortality in New Orleans and beyond. As the interview continues in Dubai, Molloy discovers the truths beneath Louis' story.

Cast & Characters

Sam Reid (as Lestat de Lioncourt / ... (8 episodes, 2022))
Jacob Anderson (as Louis de Pointe du Lac / ... (8 episodes, 2022))
Eric Bogosian (as Daniel Molloy (8 episodes, 2022))
Chris Stack (as Thomas 'Tom' Anderson (7 episodes, 2022))
Kalyne Coleman (as Grace De Pointe Du Lac (5 episodes, 2022))
Victoria Harris (as Liberty working girl / ... (4 episodes, 2022))
Rachel Alana Handler (as Peg Leg Doris (3 episodes, 2022))
Jeff Pope (as Finn O'Shea (3 episodes, 2022))
River Olden (as Doughboy (3 episodes))
Rudy Eisenzopf (as Chief Bardeen (2 episodes))
Paris Turner (as Grace's Twins #2 (2 episodes))
Peyton Turner (as Grace's Twins #1 (2 episodes))
Cynthia Bailey (as Nina (1 episode, 2022))
John DiMaggio (as Alderman Fenwick (1 episode, 2022))
Eugenie Bondurant (as Miss Carol (1 episode, 2022))
Bailey Bass (as Claudia (1 episode, 2022))
Assad Zaman (as Rashid (1 episode, 2022))
Dana Gourrier (as Bricktop Williams (1 episode, 2022))
Mike Harkins (as Father Matthias (1 episode, 2022))
Christian Robinson (as Levi (1 episode, 2022))
Elton LeBlanc (as Opera Patron (1 episode, 2022))
Escalante Lundy (as Milkman (1 episode, 2022))
Elisha Davis (as Liberty Street Girl (1 episode, 2022))
Divine Prince Ty Emmecca (as Street Car Guy (1 episode, 2022))
Andre De'Sean Shanks (as (1 episode, 2022))