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Dose (The)

Country: Argentina, Language: Spanish, 93 mins

Original Title

La Dosis
  • Director: Martin Kraut
  • Writer: Martin Kraut
  • Producer: Martin Kraut; Pablo Chernov

CGiii Comment

As understated as it it should be...because, 'angels of death' want neither attention nor praise.

This is not a hospital ward you will ever want to be in...with two murdering nurses plying more than they were trained for...

Euthanasia is - in the eyes of the law - murder. Here...two nurses, inflicted with and deluded by their respective god complexes...take lives. One regards his actions as a final act of mercy...the other, well, he just does it because he can.

They soon discover what the other is up to...and, with the mounting number of deaths, the hospital launches an investigation...both being guilty and both not willing to be caught. This is more cobra-and-mongoose than cat-and-mouse...the stakes are incredibly high...who [of the two] can play the better mind-game!?! And...there are mind-games aplenty.

This is Martin Kraut's debut is as impressive as it is complex. This is not about taking sides...this is the lesser of two evils...and, it does make you fantastically uncomfortable when you realise you are actually rooting for a murderer! Manipulation is everything...and, with The Dose this director certainly knows how to manipulate his characters and his audience!

Not a pleasant film...but, it's effect is admirable.


The(ir) Blurb...

Marcos is an experienced nurse. He works in the night shift of a provincial private clinic. He is applied and professional but has a secret: in some extreme cases he applies euthanasia. Gabriel, a new nurse, shakes the sector: he is young, intelligent and beautiful. Seduces everyone. He soon deciphers Marcos' secret by progressively taking control of his life. Marcos retracts until he discovers that Gabriel also kills, but capriciously. That revelation will force him to confront Gabriel, Marcos knows that only by exposing his true identity will be able to stop him.

Cast & Characters

Carlos Portaluppi as Marcos
Ignacio Rogers as Gabriel
Lorena Vega as Noelia
Arturo Bonín as Kristoff
Pablo Cano as Enfermero Lucas
Jonathan Da Rosa as Preso
Maitina De Marco as Lucrecia
Germán de Silva as Gerardo
Julia Martínez Rubio as Dra. Linares
Gonzalo Martínez as Dr. Duré
Alejandra Martínez Palacios as Enfermera
Gabriela Pastor as Catalina
Guido Pujato as Doble Gabriel
Ernesto Rowe as Santis
Marcelo Sein as Agente inmobiliario