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Phantom of the Sauna (The)

Country: Spain, Language: Spanish, 92 mins

Original Title

El Fantasma de la Sauna
  • Director: Luis Navarrete
  • Writer: Luis Navarrete, Martín Spínola
  • Producer: Paco Periago

CGiii Comment

It sounds like's not.

Quite possibly, one of the most ill-conceived films of all time. Why!?! Exploitation, sexual assault, a musical, in a gay sauna run by a woman who can't sing? 

Add into the mix...3 drag queens [who can't sing], a frozen corpse [who can't sing], a sadistic Harvey Weinstein [who makes boys scream], a phantom and a few Eurovision song rejects.'s the perfect storm and it doesn't disappoint in that regard.

Credit must be given to Nestor Goenaga [who can sing], he really does commit himself to the role...but, with the material given, he manages [just about] to keep his head above the surface...while all those around him sink like gigantic boulders...including the director. This is his first almighty achievement, getting this greenlit, funded and produced.

If you want a madcap romp in a gay sauna [that is actually funny] The Ritz...45 years its senior and infinitely better! 


The(ir) Blurb...

Javi comes to a sauna club looking for a job. But soon he'll find out a place full of secrets, the biggest of them being a strange man who will fall in love with him: the Phantom of the Sauna.

Cast & Characters

Antonia San Juan (as Asun)
Nestor Goenaga (as Javi)
Martín Spínola (as Eric)
Pablo Liñares (as Darío)
Supremme De Luxe (as Lujuria)
Pupi Poisson (as Amor)
Tavi Gallart (as Arrepentimiento)
Javier Hernández (as Iván)
Fernando Albizu (as Conde)
Julia Monje (as Perséfone)
Goizalde Núñez (as Luisa)
Ginés Garez (as Roberto)
Alfredo Carbajo Villa (as Guardaespaldas)
Andrés Cheung (as Chao-Li Chi)
Francisco Santiago Muñoz (as Niko)
África Esparducer (as Selena)
Mimi Bowles (as Sonia)
Aitor Sebastián (as Chico 1)
Darío Martínez Gil (as Cliente 1)
Laura Cámara (as ATS Calle 1)
Diego Ferro (as ATS Calle 2)
Ramón Grau (as Pianist)
Carmen Perona Cabrera (as Claudia)
Rubén Gove (as Dancer #1)
Daniel Francis Sullivan (as Dancer #2)