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Pop Song (The)

Country: Spain, Language: Spanish, Catalan, English, 65 mins

Original Title

La canción pop
  • Director: Raúl Portero
  • Writer: Raúl Portero
  • Producer: Ángeles Hernández, David Matamoros, Raül Muñoz, Elena Ruiz

CGiii Comment

Raúl Portero's second feature...and, sadly, no improvement on his first. And, let's be very clear, there was a massive amount of room...for a much needed improvement.

Running only at 65 minutes, too short to be a feature and too long to be a short. Basically, there's not enough material for a fully fledged, instead of making a short film, the director just let the static camera roll on and on...and on...until even the most patient viewer would realise that the point-of-no-return had been reached and a swift exit is the only intelligent alternative. This is a masterclass in how to lose an audience...for those who manage to stay the distance, it's a bit of a head-scratcher!

What was Señor Portero trying to say? Well, it's not exactly rocket science and since this is a semi-autobiographical's not exactly complimentary to his friends or his native country.

So, here's how you alienate your friends, your homeland and an audience...all in just 65 minutes!


The(ir) Blurb...

Simón re-encounters old friends who have suffered the brunt of Spain's crisis.

Cast & Characters

Geoffrey Cowper (as Dirk)
Christian Cánovas (as Aarón)
Raúl Portero (as Simón)
Joan Carles Suau (as Axel)
Genís Lama Montosa (as León)
Raquel Camón (as Júlia)
Anna Cerveró (as María)
Eva Arias (as Úrsula)