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Shepherds (The)

Country: Taiwan | Hong Kong | Indonesia , Language: Chinese, 77 mins

  • Director: Elvis Lu

CGiii Comment

C'mon babies...wake-up and smell the effing coffee...this stinks of abject fishiness!

At the risk of offending every LGBT christian [yet again]...isn't it time to take your collective heads out of your collective bums and admit that your churches simply don't like matter what some heterosexual pastors say!

There are all the usual bleatings about how god doesn't make mistakes and how he loves absolutely everyone and everything. How sexuality has hampered, hindered and halted theological other words, there are no surprises, there is no intellect with regard to any of the many on-screen whinings. It's all just whine and more whine.

Look...the main problem [and there are a few] with this film is that it doesn't ask the obvious, burning question: Who pays for these self-appointed god-lovers? It's a fair guess to say...their [deluded] LGBT congregation. Straight bible-bashers running LGBT congregations...isn't that a little bizarre? Aren't LGBT people equipped to run their own congregations?

Furthermore...seeing a demi-pastor officiate a same-sex wedding wearing a baseball cap is an affront and a profound disrespect.

These shepherds certainly have control over their flocks...a classic example of insidious mind-control of the vulnerable. God must be seething!


Trailer: The Shepherds from Taiwan Docs on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Defiant towards massive condemnation and denunciation in the society, a heterosexual female pastor founded Taiwan's first LGBT-affirming church in May 1996. For LGBT Christians, who had been rejected by the Christian community for a long time, this church finally provided them with a safe haven. Today, while the founder has passed away, the church members continue to make their voice heard. They struggle in the conflicts of the religion and confront the unjust social institution at the same time. Despite the price paid, they strive to make a difference in others' lives with their own life stories, hoping that one will eventually eliminate hostility and misunderstanding.