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Country: United States, Language: English, 62 mins

  • Director: Broderick Fox
  • Producer: Lee Biolos, Broderick Fox

CGiii Comment

Two barbers and an artist...discuss hair, above, below and beyond!

Not quite sure where Devan Shimoyama fits into the grand scheme of things...but, he does have hair and he - most definitely - has something to say...and, art to show.

Jesse Anderson has recognised a few gaps in the market and is exploiting those gaps to the best of his abilities and client's delight...where else could you get a haircut, bound and packed at the same time?

And, last but by no means least...there's Richard Savvy [Dick Savvy, is that really his real name!?! Hysterical], the naked barber! You can either sit in his chair or swing in his sling...all in the name of personal grooming!

It's an entertaining and enlightening wee film about something that most of us take for granted - an non-traumatic, something for the weekend trip to the barbers. 

These barbers are offering much more...a safe space. And, for that, they can only be congratulated and frequented...y'all now know where to go when your hair is in dire straits and you just happen to be in Sydney!


The(ir) Blurb...

"Queering the Shop"

Black American artist Devan Shimoyama, Canadian transman barber Jesse Anderson, and Australian fetish barber Richard Savvy are three queer men reimagining the traditional barbershop and styling new conceptions of masculinity along the way.

Cast & Characters

Jessie Anderson (as Self)
Devan Shimoyama (as Self)
Richard Savvy (as Self)