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End of Wonderland (The)

Country: Canada, Language: English, 85 mins

  • Director: Laurence Turcotte-Fraser
  • Writer: Laurence Turcotte-Fraser
  • Producer: Katerine Lefrançois

CGiii Comment

Just let Tara get on and do it!

Whether it be sticking some kind of object into an orifice, replacing shingles, filming a [potential] cult-porn classic...or, restoring old classic cars...Tara is the woman to do it. Oh...and, she can draw!

There's no dust on Tara, she never remains still enough for any to settle...with so many projects on-the-go, she's a woman-in-demand, the most demanding being herself!

Realistically, she knows she's not getting any younger. Realistically, she's aware that her on-line porn cash-cow could be coming to an end. And, realistically, she's non-delusional about the [potential] success of her up-coming sci-fi feature, trans-porn extravaganza...or, its titanic flop!

So...her decision to end [her] wonderland was more a case of financial prudence than fanciful folly. She's a business woman who is well aware that - in the not too distant future - she will lose her USP! Make hay while the sun shines and line your pockets for your own security.

This is a portrait of Tara that Tara created. There are no lewd tales, nothing personal...which may sound a little ironic since she does expose every part of her anatomy...rather lewdly. Compartmentalise! That's her job...this is her...and, she doesn't, nor needs to, give too much away.

Eccentricity can be fun...growing up, no matter how late in life you do it...can be traumatic. As expected, Tara deals with it pragmatically...

Clutter gone, the woman remains. A fantastic [and entertaining] portrait of one of our world's 'uniques'.


The(ir) Blurb...

From the outside, Emory’s home looks just like any other rural American property. However, inside it’s an ultra-kitsch sex fetish film set, with flying star ships, giant robots and exploding dildo machines that would make even Barbarella blush. A comics writer and mechanic, Emory’s imagination and construction skills combine to create an erotic fantasy wonderland. Single-handedly tackling every part of the design, build, shoot and edit, she certainly gets her kicks out of making these adult flicks, but it doesn’t always make a living. Emory is forced to consider downsizing, which will entail reducing her vast and wide-ranging hoard of collected items. The End of Wonderland is a playful yet probing portrait of an eccentric artist and self-proclaimed smut peddler.

Zorian Clayton

Cast & Characters

Tara Emory (as Self)