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Country: Ireland, United Kingdom, Poland, Language: English, 99 mins

  • Director: Nathalie Biancheri
  • Writer: Nathalie Biancheri
  • Producer: Ailish Bracken, Jane Doolan, Jessie Fisk, Sophie Green, Celine Haddad, Tom Harberd, Phil Hunt, Stephen Kelliher, Compton Ross

CGiii Comment

Beware...this has got absolutely nothing to do with werewolves. There are no grizzly transitions, there are no special effects, there is a bit of howling and barking...this is a film that has got to be be believed!

Identity disorder taken to unimaginable truth, Nathalie Biancheri ought not to have bothered. What might have seemed impressive on paper failed to make it onto the screen.

The usually fantastic George MacKay identifies as a wolf. Lily-Rose Depp as a cat. Throw into the mix a squirrel, a German Shephard, a parrot...there's even a duck!

Call it what you allegory, a fable, an over-stretched metaphor regarding reality, it's an embarrassing watch...reminiscent of 1st year drama school students pretending to be animals after an obligatory trip to the zoo.

A good cast can only do their best with what they have been given...there really is only one question: Why did they sign up for this?!?


The(ir) Blurb...

Jacob, a man who believes he is a wolf trapped in a human body, is sent to a clinic by his family where he is forced to undergo increasingly extreme forms of "curative" therapies at the hands of The Zookeeper. Jacob's only solace is the enigmatic wildcat with whom he roams the hospital in the dead of night. The two form an improbable friendship that develops into infatuation.

Cast & Characters

Lily-Rose Depp (as Wildcat)
George MacKay (as Jacob)
Paddy Considine (as The Zookeeper)
Terry Notary (as Lion Man)
Lola Petticrew (as Parrott)
Fionn O'Shea (as German Shepherd)
Martin McCann
Eileen Walsh
Senan Jennings (as Duck)
Helen Behan (as Jacob's Mother)
Mary Lou McCarthy (as German Shepherd's Mother)
Amy Macken (as Ola / Spider)
Karise Yansen (as Annalisa)
Colleen Keogh (as Assistant 2)
Leo Hanna (as Almost Out)
Darragh Shannon (as Jeremy / Squirrel)
Elsa Fionuir (as Horse)
Steve Kendall (as Assistant 3)
Shelley Atkinson (as Squirrel's Mum)