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Boy Culture: Generation X

Country: United States, Language: English, 86 mins

  • Director: Q. Allan Brocka
  • Writer: Q. Allan Brocka, Matthew Rettenmund
  • Producer: Stephen Israel, Philip Pierce

CGiii Comment

Season 2: 7 November

Boy Culture: Generation X, the sequel to the LGBTQ+ romantic drama Boy Culture (2006), is coming to YouTube, Amazon U.S./U.K., Google, Samsung, Apple, Roku and others starting November 7 via Dekkoo.


We're not going to review this as a web series...because, that would do it a gross injustice.

We saw this as a feature film...and, a mighty fine one it is too!

It's been 15 years since the original production...'X' is older, probably not wiser, a bit jaded and much, much more cynical... those intervening years have certainly put the grit and the wit into the writers' pens.

The returning actors are less edgier...simply because, that's what time does to people. In walks Chayce [with a 'Y', played to-the-hilt by Jason Caceres], he's soc-med savvy, preposterously peppy...and, young, full of cum-and-get-it babies. Quite the he opposite of 'X' - yet, Chayce-with-a-Y becomes his pimp[le]-in-crime on-line. As unlikely as it sounds, this young leading the old, it works. And, in so doing, toppling that old cliché: You can't teach an old dog new tricks - on its head!

Derek Magyar's stone-faced X is deadpan perfect...when his tears well-up, ours do just seems to be such a heartfelt performance.

We're not going to single out any of the 'tricks' - each one has its own merit. Laugh, cry, relate, celebrate, empathise...and, realise...that some people think entirely differently from you, yourself. Now, that's what we call writing!

Kudos to Q. Allan Brocka and Matthew Rettenmund...mesmerizingly entertaining, madly emotional...brought to you with...punch, paunch and power!

Roll on the next instalment.


BC KS from Stephen Israel on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

BOY CULTURE, the beloved gay classic, returns as an episodic series.

Ten years after the feature, "X" and Andrew - a couple when we left them - have broken up after a move to L.A., so are back where they started: They're roommates with way too much chemistry.

X, out of hustling for years, is getting back into it, but finds himself rusty about how the business works. Unwillingly, he's taken under the wing of Chayce, a barely-legal twink ruthlessly up-to-speed on how to sell what he's got. In no time, this snarky kid is leading headstrong "X" around by the nose: it's a dynamic that the grumpily insecure, almost-over-the-hill-but-still-hot "X" never saw coming. BOY CULTURE: THE SERIES consists of six snappy, 15-minute episodes, each focusing on a different trick and exploring a different topic.

Cast & Characters

Jason Caceres (as Chayce (6 episodes))
Derek Magyar (as X (6 episodes))
Darryl Stephens (as Andrew (6 episodes))
Dalila Ali Rajah (as Sarah (1 episode))
Jeancarlos Carias (as (1 episode))
Ralph Cole Jr. (as Harris (1 episode))
Steve Grand (as Larry Shippers (1 episode))
Joel Michaely (as Sebastian (1 episode))
Marc Anthony Samuel (as Marcus (1 episode))
Doug Spearman (as Trey (1 episode))