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Everything Went Fine

Country: France, Language: French, 113 mins

Original Title

Tout s'est bien passé
  • Director: François Ozon
  • Writer: François Ozon; Emmanuèle Bernheim
  • Producer: Eric Altmayer; Nicolas Altmayer

CGiii Comment

First and foremost, there are major differences between euthanasia and assisted suicide...legally and morally.

Secondly, and what many people fail to understand or accept, the law is designed to protect life...regardless of personal autonomy. And, regardless of which side of the debate you are on, this debate that will rage on for infinity.

Your body. Your life. Your decision. It has to be your own decision, a decision made when you still had the capacity to make it. Time and timing are of the essence.

This is where this film sits, uncomfortably in time...with differences of opinion, moments of apathy, fits of passion...and, fancy flirtations.

This is the epitome of tragicomedy. The inevitability of death is paraded through its characters and stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Each is represented, each is voiced...and, each is silenced.

Monsieur Ozon has interpreted Emmanuèle Bernheim's book with great care and dignity. A sombre subject indeed...but, with the lightness of touch, the mood never veers off into the maudlin. life and death. Everything went fine - how polite. How beautifully polite.


The(ir) Blurb...

When Andre, 85, has a stroke, Emmanuelle hurries to her father's bedside. Sick and half-paralyzed in his hospital bed, he asks Emmanuelle to help him end his life. But how can you honor such a request when it's your own father?

Cast & Characters

Sophie Marceau (as Emmanuèle Bernheim)
André Dussollier (as André Bernheim)
Géraldine Pailhas (as Pascale Bernheim)
Charlotte Rampling (as Claude de Soria)
Éric Caravaca (as Serge Toubiana)
Hanna Schygulla (as La dame suisse)
Grégory Gadebois (as Gérard Boisrond)
Judith Magre (as Simone)
Jacques Nolot (as Robert, le voisin de chambre)
Daniel Mesguich (as Me Georges Kiejman)
Nathalie Richard (as Capitaine Petersen)
Annie Mercier (as La directrice de la clinique)
Denise Chalem (as L'éditrice)
François Perache (as Le notaire)
Catherine Chevallier (as Sylvia)
Quentin Redt-Zimmer (as Raphaël)
Alexia Chicot (as Noémie)
Madeleine Nosal Romane (as Emmanuèle enfant)
Souhade Temimi (as La cheffe de service Lariboisière)
Olivier Veillon (as Interne Lariboisière)
Laëtitia Clément (as Infirmière Lariboisière)
Annie Milon (as Infirmière Lariboisière)
Lara Neumann (as Dr. Neumann)
Stéphane Hillel (as Le médecin)
Frédéric Siuen (as Infirmier urgences)