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Football’s Coming Out

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English, 53 mins

  • Director: James Willis
  • Producer: James Willis, Drew O'Neil

CGiii Comment

Not exactly sure what the purpose of this film is!

Don't get excited...there are no 'coming outs' - far from it.

Instead, this is a roadmap for those kicking around in the closet who might be considering their not-so-imminent emergence into the limelight...

It's all about money...those lucrative advertising deals add to the nest egg that premier footballers already have - they ain't gonna risk losing that by coming matter what advice and assurances they receive. Listening to the woman from Adidas was nothing but an exercise in touchy-feely cringeworthiness. It's all about the money, honey!

Of course, Justin Fashanu gets a polite Forbidden Games: The Justin Fashanu Story - for the real story. Not exactly the role model he is made out to be.

Will this film help in any way? Probably not...not until the relevant players retire and have to consider their money-making options. Surprisingly, not a mention of Gareth Thomas...okay, okay, he's rugby and this is football...but, his input would have been's all balls, closets and bank balances. Gareth's career certainly has been extended since he came out...if he hadn't emerged, who knows, he could have just disappeared and been forgotten!?!

So...even armed with the advice contained herein...don't expect any revelations soon!


The(ir) Blurb...

The digital documentary will explore why there are still barriers for top footballers being openly LGBTQ+, with many Premier League football players often experiencing numerous challenges if they come out publicly.

Produced by Bullion Productions, the documentary will show the pressure players face if they decide to come out and the reaction that invokes from other players, fans, press, social media and financial donors.

Archive footage will be used to show what previously happened in historical case studies and how that has changed over time.

There will be commentary from Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford, former Premier League manager Ian Holloway, and Britain’s highest-ranked openly gay footballer for Thetford F.C., Matt Morton.

Ex-Premier League footballer Joleon Lescott, niece of Justin Fashanu and founder of The Justin Fashanu foundation, Amal Fashanu, Head of TalkSport Lee Clayton, football agent Georgie Hodge and super agent Jon Smith will also feature.

Digital commissioner Thomas Pullen commented: “I sincerely hope that this documentary can be a springboard for more conversation around a subject that is still deemed taboo by many and by watching this documentary, LGBTQ+ players current and future can feel encouraged to be their most authentic selves in the sport they love.”