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Country: United States, Language: English, 45 mins

  • Director: Todd Strauss-Schulson
  • Writer: Jordon Nardino

CGiii Comment


Because...neither funny nor entertaining in the slightest. It actually gets to the point of being grating!

And, whatever their pronouns are, Marco [as a character] should put a lid on it! Annoying to say the least. Toxic, to be truthful.



The(ir) Blurb...

Marco Mejia, a gender non-conforming high school graduate who lands the gig of a lifetime interning at a cosmetics company whose products he panned on YouTube. Madolyn Addison, CEO, entrepreneur and founder of Glamorous Cosmetics and former supermodel, built one of the top companies in the world from the ground up. However, something's happening of late. The company isn't just slipping, it's plummeting, like it's being sabotaged from the inside. Not about to let that happen, Madolyn hires Marco right out of high school to be her summer intern. She has a plan, she wants him to be her eyes and ears, to make friends and find out what's going on behind her back, to discover "what they're hiding and what they're stealing." In exchange, she'll teach Marco everything she knows, but she warns him "This business isn't all glitter and glamour and neither is life".

Cast & Characters

Kim Cattrall (as Madolyn Addison (10 episodes, 2023))
Miss Benny (as Marco Mejia (10 episodes, 2023))
Graham Parkhurst (as Parker (10 episodes, 2023))
Damian Terriquez (as Dizmal (7 episodes, 2023))
Ricardo Chavira (as Teddy (1 episode, 2023))
Matt Rogers (as Tony (1 episode, 2023))
Joel Kim Booster (as Cliff (1 episode, 2023))
Brock Ciarlelli (as Geoffrey (1 episode, 2023))
Meher Pavri (as Dana (1 episode, 2023))
Aldrin Bundoc (as Jeffrey (1 episode, 2023))
Monét X Change (as Self (1 episode, 2023))
Sukhman Gill (as Model (1 episode, 2023))
Laila Kharouba (as Candidate (1 episode, 2023))
Selina An (as Pedestrian (1 episode, 2023))
Charlene Incarnate (as Self (1 episode, 2023))
Chiquitita (as Self (1 episode, 2023))
Jim Pagiamtzis (as Doorman (1 episode, 2023))
Priyanka (as (1 episode, 2023))
Serena Tea (as Self (1 episode, 2023))
Lisa Gilroy (as Alyssasay (unknown episodes))
Mark Deklin (as James (unknown episodes))
Zane Phillips (as Chad (unknown episodes))
Nicole Power (as Mykynnleigh (unknown episodes))
Diana Maria Riva (as Julia (unknown episodes))
Ayesha Harris (as Britt (unknown episodes))