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RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs the World

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English, 55 mins

  • Director: Tony Grech-Smith
  • Producer: Michelle Visage

CGiii Comment

It's started!

The problem with these spin-offs is that there really no surprises. We all know what these Queens can and can't do, we've heard all their stories, we witnessed their bickering and we've bathed in their shade.

Anyway, finger-crossed, there will be a few savoury surprises to be had!

First surprise...£50k - that will change everything!

1st elimination: Mayhem, indeed it was - dry on stage and not improvise - amateur. Exit.

Next-to-go: Gothy Kendoll - sorry luv, you walk like a bricklayer in heels, as for your confidence, nowhere to be seen.

The One to watch: La Grande Dame.

Considering the talent on offer, it's not looking good for the British Queens! Go on, surprise us!

2nd elimination: Arantxa - when you look back, you'll understand.

Next-to-go: Gothy Kendoll - more glitter? More of anything!?!

The One to watch: La Grande Dame - on a completely different level.

3rd elimination: Jonbers Blonde - unlucky!

Next-to-go: Gothy has competition! Chorizo is fading fast!

The One to watch: even though she finished low, La Grande Dame flies higher than all the rest.

4th elimination: Keta Minaj...well, that was a bit of a shocker! Tia's sense of alliance waxes and wanes.

Next-to-go: It's got to be Gothy. She is literally giving...nada!

The One to watch: Hannah is pure entertainment. Tia is on the rise. La Grande Dame seems to be slipping.

5th elimination: Gothy - it was time.

Next-to-go: Chorizo - sorry luv, it's do or die and what you're doing isn't working.

The One to watch: Marina is doing well...but, it's all very one-note! Really, it's going to come down to Old School versus New School = Hannah vs Dame.

6th elimination: Adios Chorizo - it will all be a little less colourful.

Next-to-go: It's starting to look a lot like Scarlet.

The One to watch: Marina is flying high...bur, can she keep it going? The comedy Queens aren't getting the stage they need!

7th and final elimination: Scarlet, just a different kind of drag!

Next-to-go: It's between the funny queens and the fashion queens!

Winner: Hannah...all-round entertainer and funny to boot. Aren't drag queens meant to be funny?!?

The final...

And what a final it was, full of surprises!

It all came down to old-school drag being victorious...Tia did something very clever in the final lip-synch, nabbing her the crown. Hannah was a very close runner-up...but, Tia bagged the 50K!

It will be interesting to see if the cash prize is going to be extended into the next season of Drag Race UK...that will definitely spice things up!


Season 2 trailer...

Season 1 winner...


Season 1 trailer...

The(ir) Blurb...

Nine international members of RuPaul's Drag Race royal alumni will battle it out for the crown in the brand new series RuPaul's Drag Race UK vs the World. With the UK as the host nation, renowned queens from different franchises and cultures will compete in an international arena showcasing their country's finest drag in their bid to become the ultimate Drag Race Superstar.

Cast & Characters

James Jimbo Insell
Pan Pan Narkprasert
Monique Heart
Baga Chipz
Christopher Baptista
Luke Underwood
Joshua Cargill
Janey Jacké
Michelle Visage
Graham Norton
Melanie C
Alan Carr