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Sixth Reel (The)

Country: United States, Language: English, 94 mins

  • Director: Carl Andress, Charles Busch
  • Writer: Carl Andress, Charles Busch
  • Producer: EJ Argenio, Jamie Buckner, Ash Christian, Anthony James Faure, Kimberly Montini, Alex Peace

CGiii Comment

Written by Carl Andress & Charles Busch - over Skype - throughout the 'cockdown'...did they have a bad connection?

Then, when 'cockdown' relaxed, they went into full production...what was the rush, luvvies? Anyway, this is the result...

Charles Busch is a performer [of considerable repute]...stick to what you do best, love. Playing the 'straight' man - in and out of women's clothing - was bemusing rather than amusing. That's the problem with this film as a's totally daft and rigorously unfunny. Over-acted by most of the supporting cast...and, surprisingly under-acted by Mr Busch. 

Not since 2006 has Mr Busch co-written and helmed a may have been more prudent to have used those years developing and honing a script worthy of the many talents that Mr Busch has in his closet...rather than unleashing this hurried and harried howler.


The(ir) Blurb...

A down-on-his-luck movie collector discovers a legendary lost film and becomes entangled in an outrageous adventure to deliver it to the right hands before it is lost forever.

Cast & Characters

Charles Busch (as Jimmy)
Julie Halston (as Helen)
Doug Plaut (as Rodney)
Tim Daly (as Michael)
Margaret Cho (as Doris)
Patrick Page (as Mr. Beltrane)
Richard Bekins (as Leland)
Heather MacRae (as Martha)
Dee Hoty (as Virginia)
André De Shields (as Gavin Plimsoll)
John Ellison Conlee (as Greg Dwaskin)
Cady Huffman (as Marilyn Dwaskin)
T. Oliver Reid (as Detective Williams)
Ashley Austin Morris (as Sharon)
Carl Andress (as Kessler)