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Country: Canada, Language: English, 99 mins

  • Director: Bretten Hannam
  • Writer: Bretten Hannam
  • Producer: Julie Baldassi, Damon D'Oliveira, Bretten Hannam, Gharrett Patrick Paon

CGiii Comment

From the mighty fine short film - Wildfire - comes a fine feature.

What this film desperately needed was a script editor to highlight the few inconsistencies and improbabilities...but, when the budget is this tight, a few links - invariably - become loose in the chain. Thankfully, not loose enough to break it!

There is much to admire...the cinematography, on this kind of a budget, is beyond impressive. The just needed more!

The performances are all solid...with young Avery Winters-Anthony being the only actor to reprise his role. Chemistry, between the two leads, had to be vital...and, as understated as it is. The beautifully lit [and edited] sex scene is testament to good taste and unharried filmmaking.

Mi'kmaq culture could have been shown more...with a powwow, which was sign-posted and expected...but, damn budget constraints, never appeared.

But...what Wildhood really needed was the defiant stand-off that Wildfire really would have been that defining moment, the point when the boy becomes his own man...cutting and tying the ties that bound and bind.

Bretten Hannam has to be congratulated and applauded for what he has done with his short film. It really is fascinating to see how 12 minutes can be developed [rather than stretched] into something more worthwhile than ample. Wildhood is a fine could have done with a bit more fire!


The(ir) Blurb...

When Link (Phillip Lewitski) discovers that, contrary to his abusive dad’s claims, his Mi’kmaw mother may still be alive, he and his half-brother Travis (Avery Winters-Anthony) finally have purpose. On the road to Mi’kma’ki, they pick up Pasmay (Joshua Odjick), a gregarious drifter who represents Link’s best chance of locating his mom and finally accepting his Two-Spirit nature. Bretten Hannam crafts a compelling road movie in which both the journey and destination offer opportunities for self-discovery.

Cast & Characters

Michael Greyeyes (as Smokey)
Phillip Lewitski (as Link)
Joel Thomas Hynes (as Arvin)
Savonna Spracklin (as Sarah)
Jordan Poole (as Skater)
Joshua Odjick (as Pasmay)
Samuel Davison (as Ryan (as Sammy Davison))
Avery Winters-Anthony (as Travis)