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Gaze LGBT Film Festival

Gaze LGBT Film Festival

Thursday, 01 August 2024 until Monday, 05 August 2024

Welcome to GAZE, Ireland’s International LGBTQIA Film Festival.

GAZE 2024 will take place from Thursday 1st to Monday 5th August.

Every year since 1992 we have screened an eclectic programme of new international cinema that explores the experience of being an LGBTQIA person.

We celebrate new queer storytelling and our exciting programme of screenings, talks and events engages audiences and artists in a vibrant social experience here in our home town of Dublin, Ireland. We also select films to make available online to the whole of Ireland.

We have been around since before homosexuality was decriminalised in Ireland, and we are still going strong with our vibrant community.

We are excited and honoured to receive your work.

From the films selected for our festival, the GAZE Jury will award prizes for:

Best Irish Short

Best International Short

Best Documentary


2024 films...


Dir. D.W. Waterson Canada | 2023 | 1h 33m


Big Boys

Dir. Corey Sherman / USA / 2024 / 1hr 30m



Dirs. Ali Catterall, Jane Giles / UK / 2023 / 1hr 36m


Break The Game

Dir. Jane M. Wagner / USA / 2023 / 1hr 20m


The Queen of My Dreams

Dir. Fawzia Mirza / Canada / 2023 / 1hr 35m


The Summer with Carmen

Dir. Zacharias Mavroeidis / Greece / 2023 / 1hr 46m



Dir. Hugues Hariche / Switzerland, France / 2023 / 1hr 44m


Desire Lines

Dir. Jules Rosskam / USA / 2024 / 1hr 21m


She is Conann

Dir. Bertrand Mandico / France / 2023 / 1hr 45m


India's First Best Trans Model Agency

Dir. Ila Mehrotra / India / 2023 / 1hr 28m



Dir. Tzeli Hadjidimitriou / Greece / 2024 / 1hr 17m


Life is Excellent

Dir. Joe Ingham / UK / 2023 / 49m


All of Us Strangers

Dir. Andrew Haigh / UK / 2023 / 1hr 45m


Darklands: Are you ready to go deep?

Dir. Roland Javronik / Belgium / 2023 / 1hr 24m



Dir. Hannes Hirsch / Germany / 2023 / 1hr 19m


A Different Country

Dir. Edmund Lynch / Ireland / 2016 / 1hr 14m



Dir. Lola Arias / Argentina, Switzerland, Germany / 2024 / 1hr 22m



Dir. John Greyson / Canada / 2022 / 1hr 53m


Close to You

Dir. Dominic Savage / USA, UK, Canada / 2024 / 1hr 40m

Short films... 

This Is Not An Attack On Your Parenting
Rory Fleck Byrne/ Ireland/ 2024/ 19m
A mother and her gay adult son, who has recently suffered a breakdown, explore their opposing views on parenting.
Written by: Rory Fleck Byrne
Produced by: Killian Casey, Philip Emo

Luke K. Murphy/ Ireland/ 2023/ 11m
As their Debs application deadline approaches, a closeted couple sort their domestic issues as Gaeilge, to prevent their classmates from knowing they're an item. However, translation issues leave their relationship in jeopardy.
Written by: Alana Daly Mulligan, Luke K. Murphy
Produced by: Alana Daly Mulligan

Hazel McGuire, Jenny Roche/ Ireland/ 2024/ 13m
Concerned ponders the gap between public 'concern' around gender, identity, child andparent roles, and the private reality of those who are actually concerned; gender nonconforming people and their families - all told through the filmmakers' own personal daughter/mother relationship.
Written by: Hazel McGuire, Jenny Roche
Produced by: Hazel McGuire, Jenny Roche

Liadán Roche/ Ireland/ 2024/ 24m
A trans woman tries to recreate a traumatic relationship for a film project.
Written by: Liadán Roche
Produced by: Molly Donnery

Spins, Splits, Stories
Alan Power/ Ireland/ 2024/ 5m
Leon Pinto, a singer and pole dancer from Australia, shares his personal story of growing up in Australia and Ireland, culminating in a captivating performance at The George. A film that invites you to take a moment and revel in his raw and heartfelt recollection.
Written by: Alan Power

Dirty Talk
Eva Wyse/ Ireland/ 2024/ 15m
On the quest for intimacy in the middle of a global pandemic, Tar and Anna meet for the first time in the hopes of having a socially distanced hook up. No touching, just (attempted) dirty talk.
Written by: Madi O'Carroll
Produced by: Danilo Zambrano

Pregnant with a Drag Queen
Colin Brady/ Ireland/ 2024/ 22m
Pregnant with a Drag Queen unfolds the journey of how Enda McGrattan, growing up as a queer person in 1990s Dublin, unlocked something within themselves by giving birth to the vibrant drag persona Veda. Sharing their transformative experiences on a live TV chat show, Enda contends with a sceptical host before the show is suddenly derailed by the most beautiful woman in the world... in their price range.
Written by: Colin Brady
Produced by: Steve Sheehy 

The Legend of the Dun Cow
Colm Higgins/ Ireland/ 2024/ 19m
A camp and luscious exploration of butter and the sensorial experience of agricultural practice. Combining intense documentary footage with tableaus and original music, the film is a playful take on the place of the cow in the Irish consciousness.
Directed by: Colm Higgins

Honeysuckle Joyride
Jennifer Mehigan/ Ireland/ 2022/ 13m
Honeysuckle Joyride is a commissioned video essay made in response to Bassam Al-Sabah's show I AM ERROR which opened at Gasworks London in 2021. The essay considers themes of decay, inter-species kinship and the Irish landscape through a post-humanist lens. Footage of various locations around the island are layered with computer-generated imagery, uncovering personal or domestic materialities of queerness, grief and horror as they intersect with the screen, and ideas of truth and reality in a space where public and private spheres are constantly colliding with and abstracting each other.
Directed by: Jennifer Mehigan

P. Staff/ UK/ 2022/ 5m
Combining digital and analogue filmmaking techniques with poetry, hand-painted animation and industrial sound, Hevn explores pleasure and pain in sick or debilitated bodies, with Staff's ongoing interest in the volatility of queer and trans bodies. Glimpses of footage—a shower scene, traffic, friends gathering—are obscured and revealed by layers of hand painted film and lettering, eventually giving way to a titular poem that asks what happens to us in states of dreaming, volatility, inebriation and exhaustion.
Directed by: P. Staff

Puce Moment
Kenneth Anger/ US/ 1949/ 6m
Made over a decade before the original publication of his notorious Hollywood Babylon, underground filmmaker Kenneth Anger produced this short film, intending it to form part of a longer project. Starring Yvonne Marquis, the film follows her around her apartment as she gets dressed and ends just before she goes out to walk her four Borzoi dogs. Shot in colour in the late 1940s and featuring a psychedelic folk rock soundtrack from the 1960s, this is an uncanny invocation of decadence and decline.
Directed by: Kenneth Anger

Juana Robles/ Ireland/ 2024/ 25m
Originally shot on Super 8mm film and partially blown up to 16mm for the creation of collages made up of abstract and composed photograms, the film explores in a medium-specific way the self-experimental search for artistic, gender and sexual identity of Zurich-based movement artist/teacher and former architect Toma Alice Péronnet (they, them, theirs).
Directed by: Juana Robles

Gabriel Souza Nunes/ Canada/ 2023/ 14m
In a modern retelling of Brazilian folklore, Theo nervously ventures into a fantastical party, only to be shaken out of his insecurities after a passionfruit cocktail takes him on a magical adventure to find true love.
Written by: Carolyn Woolner, Gabriel Souza Nunes
Produced by: Aries Ceta, Elaine Yan

im in love with edgar allan poe
Andrea A. Walter/ USA/ 2023/ 13m
Two baby goths prepare to summon the ghost of Edgar Allan Poe, but a series of unexpected obstacles jeopardize the entire spooky spectacle, and maybe even their friendship.
Written by: Andrea A. Walter
Produced by: Bianca Catbagan, Lou Wang-Holborn

Their Universe
Jeong-gil HAN/ South Korea/ 2023/ 17m
A year after passing away, Jun returns to Earth as a ghost to say goodbye to his boyfriend.
Written by: Jeong-gil HAN
Produced by: Chang-hwan PARK, Han-bum KIM

Ana Berdeja/ Mexico/ 2024/ 15m
As an embalmer dreams up dialogue with a teenage trans boy she's been told to put in a dress, she struggles to honour the dead without wounding his grieving family.
Written by: Ana Berdeja
Produced by: Jose Manuel Mijares, Rafael Macazaga, Allan Feder

there's a light
Elisa Beli Borrelli/ Ireland/ 2023/ 5m
Abandoned in an unfamiliar place, a lonely partygoer teeters on the edge of an all-consuming, reality-warping breakdown.
Written and Produced by: Elisa Beli Borrelli

Daniel Daniel/ United Kingdom/ 2023/ 19m
Wracked with both shame and desire, Lloyd spirals down a Grindr-fuelled descent into total self-annihilation.
Written by: Alfie Flewitt
Produced by: Matthew Pieterse

The Journey Home
Noah Lei Underwood/ UK/ 2024/ 3m
In two parallel worlds of light and darkness, a liberated trans man enjoys a lush idyll while a creature is warped out of shape by its bindings.
Written by: Noah Lei Underwood

Transition to Death
Nate Newman/ Vietnam/ 2024/ 20m
With the help of a strange witch and an armoury of deadly sex toys, an undead trans stripper seeks gory, grindhouse revenge.
Written by: Jayna Young, Nate Newman 

A Bird Called Memory
Leonardo Martinelli/ Brazil/ 2023/ 15m
Memory has lost its way back home. Lua, a trans woman, sets out through the bustling city streets to reunite with Memory, but the journey proves challenging. A delightful exploration that seamlessly weaves together various mediums and themes.
Written by: Leonardo Martinelli
Produced by: Rafael Manuel

Tusk/ US/ 2024/ 18m
A story that relishes in the enticing subtlety and inexplicable magnitude of gestures, echoing the feelings of confusion that unexpected love and attraction can evoke. The director aptly describes it: “Nothing says ‘it’s complicated’ quite like breaking your crush’s arm.”
Written and Produced by: Tusk, Cookie Walukas

The Secret Lives of Lesbian Cats
Kate Jessop/ United Kingdom/ 2023/ 2m
Ever wonder what cats get up to when their lesbian owners aren't around? An enchanting animation that might leave you nervously laughing.
Written and Produced by: Kate Jessop

Vapor Trails
Willow Skye-Biggs/ US/ 2023/ 11m
Two trans-lesbian lovers find hope and self-acceptance through abstract storytelling and immersive visuals, exploring love, identity, and visibility in a poignant journey.
Written and Produced by: Willow Skye-Biggs

School Birds
Quentin Corker-Marin, Felix Marring-ton-Reeve/ UK/ 2023/ 6m
Inspired by Section 28, a burnt-out trans school teacher finds liberation through dance, facing pressures of conformity while seeking acceptance from himself and others.
Written and Produced by: Quentin Corker-Marin, Connor Wakefield

What are you looking for?
Iqran Rasheed/ Portugal/ 2023/ 15m
Deepak navigates queer dating and seeks genuine connection amidst superficial modern culture, breaking cinematic walls between actor, viewer, and director.
Written by: Iqran Rasheed
Produced by: Victor Candias

We Collide
Jason Bradbury/ United Kingdom/ 2023/ 2m
A split screen queercore romance - a visceral and immersive exploration of the power of the mosh pit and finding love in the most unlikely of places.
Written and Produced by: Jason Bradbury

Lake Burst
Clodagh Farrelly/ Ireland/ 2023/ 15m
Three characters seek integration and liberation of the self, drawing on global mythologies to explore spirit versus flesh, willpower, seduction, resistance, and surrender.
Written and Produced by: Maia Nunes, Clodagh Farrelly 

Curtain Call
Malynda Hale/ USA/ 2023/ 16m
Luke runs into old flame, Eric, from a previous life of performing in musical theatre. Comparing how they have both moved on, Luke reveals Eric was his first and only same-sex relationship.
Written by: John Volk
Produced by: Danielle Beckmann

First Time
Daniel Kahana/ USA/ 2022/ 18m
An intern heads to dinner with his supervisor on the last day of his internship, but things take a turn when he is pressured into a sexual encounter. Drawing on the director's personal experience, the film marks the bold decision when a survivor takes charge of their own narrative.
Written and Produced by: Daniel Kahana, Rebecca Shapiro

Brodie Pyke/ Australia/ 2023/ 13m
Nate is twenty-three years old, living with autism and discovering the horrors of the gay dating scene in Sydney. After his well-meaning best friends sign him up to Grindr, can Nate overcome his fear of pretty much everything to find the man of his dreams?
Written and Produced by: Kyle Goldfinch

Nothing Special
Mikko Makela/ UK/ 2023/ 14m
An open relationship makes space for an encounter that is more intense than expected when a filmmaker and a moviegoer's ideas of cinematic romance are put to the test during a one-night stand.
Written by: Mikko Makela
Produced by: James Watson

Nans Laborde-Jourdàa/ France/ 2023/ 17m
While visiting his hometown, Fran experiences memories of a confusing encounter from his youth, triggering a strange response as the jerky rhythm of Bolero leads both Fran and soon the whole village to a joyfully chaotic climax of memory and desire.
Written by: Nans Laborde-Jourdàa
Produced by: Margaux Lorier 

Love Letters
Greta Schiller/ USA/ 2024/ 39m
Catharine and Liz, two lesbians in their 80s, recall their enduring relationship through the correspondence they have kept since their first meeting in New York in the 1970s. As an out lesbian with four children, Liz was threatened with legal separation from her family, but won a landmark case that recognized lesbians as mothers, partners, and valid valued members of society. The film won Best Documentary Short at Queens World Film Festival.
Written by: Greta Schiller
Produced by: Andrea Weiss

Old Lesbians
Meghan McDonagh/ USA/ 2023/ 29m
'It's like taking back the word “lesbian”. We take back the word “old”. We honor it. We revel in it...' Armed with curiosity, a love of her community, and a recording device, Arden Eversmeyer journeyed across America gathering over eight hundred life stories of old lesbians to create the Old Lesbian Oral Herstory Project. Filmmaker Meghan McDonough honors that epic undertaking in this emotional exploration of the voices uncovered, many of whom are no longer with us but will live forever thanks to Arden's work, and this precious film.
Produced by: Stevie Borrello 

Sara Harrak/ UK/ 2023/ 6min
Jess and Dani are thriving in an open lesbian relationship replete with kink and sex parties— until Dani considers sleeping with men, and suddenly 'open' has its limits.
Written by: Meg Salter
Produced by: Emma Hammond

Ian Fallon/ Ireland/ 2023/ 16min
Brain-eating parasites, homoerotic violence and GAA lads come to a head after a young queer man becomes convinced his unrequited crush kissed him while drunk.
Written by: Ian Fallon
Produced by: Thomas Purdy

Beautiful Trouble
Christopher T. McGill/ UK/ 2024/ 17min
Queer Jewish street activist Dan Glass reflects on years of direct action protest and art activism, including ACT UP London, queer self-defence with the Bender Defenders, and the iconic Baby Trump float.
Produced by: Siobhan Fahey

Natalia Bermúdez/ Mexico/ 2024/ 20min
An increasingly tense affair between athlete Renata and her swimming coach Liliana pushes both women to reckon with consent, desire, and power.
Written by: Natalia Bermúdez, Danae Reynaud
Produced by: Franco Bautista, Male Lara

Daniel Porto/ Brazil/ 2024/ 7min
A group of men at a chemsex party entertain casual and intimate conversations on sex, drugs, and loneliness, searching for deeper connections across the ephemerality of chemical pleasure.
Written by: Daniel Porto
Produced by: Alexandre Lino

Juan Yactayo Sono/ Peru/ 2024/ 20min
Katya, a trans sex worker, yearns to improve the conditions for her community but fears being outed as a sex worker to her mother until a wave of police violence pushes Katya's silence to its breaking point.
Written and Produced by: Juan Yactayo Sono, Diego Díaz Mecca

Never Kill a Femboy on the First Date
Oonagh Kearney/ Ireland/ 2024/ 17min
An Asian Irish femboy's bold plans to seduce a closeted GAA player take a risky turn when three lads watch them having sex from afar.
Written by: Lee-Loi Chieng
Produced by: Aoibhín Murphy 

Scaring Women at Night
Karimah Zakia Issa/ Canada/ 2022/ 11m
A Black transgender man, walking alone in the dark, becomes anxious about being perceived as a threat by Ella, a woman also walking alone nearby. As these two strangers, both scared on their late-night walks home, attempt to avoid each other, their worlds unexpectedly collide at an intersection, forcing them to question who they fear and why.
Written by: Ace Clamber, Karimah Zakia Issa
Produced by: Lindsay Blair Goeldner, Rosalind Goodwin

Che-ming Chang/ Taiwan/ 2023/ 23m
Guang has difficulty focusing during school choir. He's distracted by something more enticing than singing. When a charismatic new student arrives, Guang's curiosity and sexual desire is taken to a new level.
Written by: Che-ming Chang
Produced by: Hsin-wu Lin

Fruits of the Spirit
Georgia Day/ Wales, UK/ 2024
In the international premiere of this community film, Maddy and Carys are in the worship band of their evangelical church. They're also in a relationship with each other. What could possibly go wrong?
Written and Produced by: Georgia Day, Holly Russell-Allison, Helen Capelin, Berwyn Rowlands

Ted & Noel
Julia Alcamo/ UK/ 2023/ 25m
Winner of the Iris Prize Co-op Audience award 2023, Ted and Noel follows a grieving LGBTQ+ activist trying to find the strength for one last campaign.
Produced by: Dan Hodgson, Mary Pattison

Realness with a Twist
Cass Virdee/ UK/ 2023/ 12m
Winner of the Iris Prize Youth Jury Award 2023, this dramatic short sees a talented footballer forced to battle between his secret passion for voguing and the fear of his team-mate's disapproval.
Written by: David J. Giles, Cass Virdee
Produced by: David J. Giles, Maria Salcher 

Permissible Beauty
Mark Thomas/ UK/ 2023/ 23m
Exploring the evolution of beauty standards in British history, this film delves into why certain forms of beauty have been privileged over others. With a focus on Black Queer visibility, it offers fresh perspectives through the stories of six Black Queer Britons, offering up a new chapter of British beauty for the 21st century.
Written by: David McAlmont
Produced by: Richard P. Sandell

True Colors
David J. Amado/ Portugal/ 2023/ 6m
Examining queer Black men's relationship to traditional masculinity and how societal expectations pressure them to conform and silence their true selves. Through four acts of fashion, each act symbolises a stage from repression to bold authenticity.
Written by: David J. Amado, Igor Silva, Felicia Hunter
Produced by: Amelia Carter

The Archive: Queer Nigerians
Simisolaoluwa Akande/ UK/ 2023/ 25m
With Nigerian queer history erased from the national narrative of Nigeria, queer Nigerians in the UK gather to tell their stories, documenting their experiences so they can never be erased again.
Written by: Simisolaoluwa Akande
Produced by: Maxine Gordon

Obsidian Black
Osaro Azams/ Ireland/ 2022/ 21m
Osaro's sonorous vocals turn into choir-like prayers as they erupt softly from where they lie in her stomach. The hypnotic energy of the music matches with the stunning visuals of yellow gorse fields atop Killiney Hill where certain folkloric characters lay dormant.
Produced by: Osaro Azams 

The Return
Vadim Molachov/ Ukraine/ 2023/ 32min
Nikita is ready to give up on his conservative religious mother when explosions rock Kyiv, suddenly entangling Nikita's fractured faith with his survival and the survival of his mother, who hasn't picked up the phone since the war broke out.
Written and Produced by: Vadim Molachov

The Performance
Claire Zhou/ Netherlands/ 2023/ 20min
Lin has two great loves: her trans daughter Tan, and the church in which she's a chorister. But on the eve of Lin's solo performance, rumours about Tan start spreading in church, and Lin must decide how much of her love to truly show.
Written by: Claire Zhou
Produced by: Dennis Cornelisse, Alex Doff, Sabine Brian

Lara Steffen/ Germany/ 2023/ 30min
When Johanna is begrudgingly whisked to a rural idyll, she's trapped in something much worse than a boring holiday. Veiled hatred presses in from all sides, but the more Johanna resists, the harder this eco-fascist nightmare tries to crush her.
Written by: Luka Lara Steffen
Produced by: Sophia Lorena Gamboa Huamán