August Events...

  • aGLIFF: Prism Film Festival
  • Antwerp Queer Arts Festival
  • Birmingham SHOUT Gay & Lesbian Film Festival
  • California Independent Film Festival
  • Canberra International Film Festival
  • ClexaCon Film Festival
  • East Village Queer Film Festival
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival
  • Edinburgh International Film Festival
  • Edinburgh International Television Festival
  • FilmPride
  • Flame Con
  • International Women's Film Festival in Seoul
  • Los Angeles Diversity Film Festival
  • Macon Film Festival
  • Melbourne International Film Festival
  • MICGenero
  • Norwegian International Film Festival
  • OUTSOUTH Queer Film Festival
  • Painting the Spectrum LGBTQ+ Film Festival
  • PriFest
  • Queer Film Festival Utrecht
  • Queer Lion
  • Sarajevo Film Festival
  • SF Queer Film Festival
  • Sidewalk Film Festival
  • Taiwan International Queer Film Festival
  • Vancouver Queer Film Festival
  • Venice Film Festival
  • What's Your Flavor?
OutLove International Film Festival

OutLove International Film Festival

OUTLOVE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF SOUTHWEST FLORIDA, unfortunately cancels its third year originally scheduled for June 10-21, 2022. We greatly look forward with high energy, high enthusiasm, and high excitement to make our 2023 local film festival amazing. New top-notch films telling stories of happiness, love and respect! New, top-notch, highly insightful documentaries! Exciting, creative, community building, meet-and-greet, networking opportunities and celebration parties. And, Thank You Recognition Awards to our many local, state, national, and international community leaders, supporting local businesses, and supporting local non-profits. We will prominently promote our film festival in 2023 so you have lots of advance notice and lots of advance time to add us to your 2023 calendar.

OutLove International Film Festival of Southwest Florida (population of 1.3 million in five county area surrounding Fort Myers, Florida, USA and estimated 36,000 LGBT+) shows full-length LGBT+ feature films that educate, enlighten and entertain and further shows our community living lives of happiness, love and respect. We also show full-length LGBT+ documentaries that depict LGBT+ lives in their raw state, but our film festival's overall message is happiness, love and respect.

$1,000 Crystal Heart Audience Award for full-length LGBT+ feature film, $1,000 Crystal Heart Audience Award for full-length LGBT+ documentary, $1,000 Crystal Heart Juried Award for full-length LGBT+ feature film, and $1,000 Crystal Heart Juried Award for full-length LGBT+ documentary.