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All Our Fears

Country: Poland, Language: Polish, 90 mins

Original Title

Wszystkie nasze strachy
  • Director: Lukasz Gutt, Lukasz Ronduda
  • Writer: Marta Konarzewska, Michal Oleszczyk, Michal Pabian, Lukasz Ronduda, Katarzyna Sarnowska, Ada Smyk, Michal Zygmunt
  • Producer: Levent Gültan, Boguslaw Kisielewski, Kuba Kosma, Katarzyna Sarnowska, Wita Sernecka, Eryk Wieclawski

CGiii Comment

This is quite a well strung together look at just how gay rights and freedoms sometimes complement and sometimes contradict the more traditional and deep-rooted values held in rural communities and is especially poignant to look at now, as Poland continues to wrestle with it's own approach to civil and sexual liberties whilst reconciling the values of a church (and a congregation) that is less willing to move with the times. We know from the start that "Daniel" is not the only gay in the village - and we are not the only ones who know.

This is as much about people finding the confidence to follow their hearts as it is about religious intolerance, and as a short and punchy drama delivers quite well on that front. Sadly, it's that brevity that leads to simplicity and stereotyping in a way that rather undermined the core impact of the story for me. There is not really time to develop the characters nor to understand more about what created the scenario around the tragedy in the first place. That said, it's still a film worth watching and one that demonstrates that free thought and expression are still alive and well in a country that still has it's own demons to face, even now.




All Our Fears, 2021, Trailer EN from Film Republic on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

The relationship between the artist Daniel and Olek develops in secret. A teenage lesbian suicide triggers Daniel's fight to hit himself in the chest of the community. He is trying to organize a way of the cross for the girl. The people of his village turn their backs on him, Daniel tries to find understanding in the metropolitan world of art galleries. Based on facts, the story of Daniel, an artist from the countryside, strongly involved in the activities of the Catholic Church.

Cast & Characters

Dawid Ogrodnik (as Daniel)
Maria Maj (as Grandma of Daniel)
Andrzej Chyra (as Father of Daniel)
Oskar Rybaczek (as Olek)
Jacek Poniedzialek (as Karol)
Agata Labno (as Jagoda Majewska)
Jowita Budnik (as Jadwiga Majewska)
Ewa Konstancja Bulhak (as Anka)
Wiktoria Kruszczynska (as Basia)
Karolina Bruchnicka (as Kinga Majewska)
Zbigniew Litwinczuk (as Janicki)
Wojciech Zietek (as Tomek)
Konrad Eleryk (as Slawek)
Ryszard Dolinski (as Old Nowak)
Malgorzata Biela (as Ula)
Andrzej Danieluk (as Szczepan)
Piotr Trojan (as Priest Kurówka)
Dominika Sitnicka (as Journalist)
Rafal Mackowiak (as Journalist)
Jakub Majmurek (as Journalist)
Andrzej Szwan (as Felix)
Julia Minasiewicz (as Julia)
Anu Czerwinski (as Anu)
Grzegorz Jaremko (as Rafal)
Wioletta Kopanska (as Magda)