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Country: Austria, Language: German, 87 mins

  • Director: David Wagner
  • Writer: David Wagner
  • Producer: Sabine Gruber, Julia Horvath, Arash T. Riahi

CGiii Comment

Oooh what an extra 20-30 minutes could have done!!! Don't get me wrong, it is a fine film, it could have been a mighty fine film. 

Missing detail, unanswered questions...considering it is based on a true story, surely, all those missing details were just a phone-call away.

Toxic masculinity is a great veil for homosexuality...or, is it? Falak really isn't that surprised! Perhaps, he has a finely tuned gaydar!

With a runtime of only 87 minutes, corners have been cut to the detriment of the story. But, definitely worth a watch - attitudes are a-changin'!


The(ir) Blurb...

Lieutenant Eismayer is the most feared instructor in the Austrian army. His brutal approach have jeopardised his future in the army. Eismayer is also gay, a secret that threatens his job and family. One day, openly gay Falak joins the unit. Eismayer clashes with Falak but is also drawn to him. Eismayer has to choose between overcoming his fear of coming out or keeping living an unhappy life full of repressed emotions.

Cast & Characters

Gerhard Liebmann (as Charles Eismayer)
Luka Dimic (as Mario Falak)
Julia Koschitz (as Christina Eismayer)
Anton Noori (as Striegl)
Karl Fischer (as Hierzberger)
Christopher Schärf (as Karnaval)
Lion Tatzber (as Dominik Eismayer)
Lukas Johne (as Jan)
Matthias Hack (as Gratzl)
Harry Lampl (as Mader)
Matthias Böhm (as Kila)
Thomas Momcinovic (as Tomic)
Jagersberger Joshua (as Buresch)
Paul Winkler (as Kren)
Thomas Otrok (as Nagl)
Adriano Bonamore (as Schober)
Alexander Srtschin (as Wagner)
Stan Steinbichler (as Weber)
Lloyd Lynch (as Sergeant 1)
Norbert Prammer (as Sergeant 2)
Rina Juniku (as Duty Corporal)
Roswitha Soukup (as Woman Ferris Wheel)
Johann Bednar (as Old Man)
Friedrich Weissenbeck (as Frankie (as Fritz Flash Weissenbeck))