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Queer as Folk

Country: United States, Language: English, 55 mins

  • Director: Stephen Dunn
  • Writer: Stephen Dunn, Des Moran, Ryan O'Connell
  • Producer: Des Moran

CGiii Comment

Big shoes to fill...bigger footprints to follow!

Look...we waited before commenting...because, the 4-Queens-on-a-sofa [who all remember and loved the original] sat down for a Gin-infused binge-watch.

Halfway through, half of the Queens gave up...not the Gin, the show. The other two [as always ]like to see things through to completion!

Why the wait? To see how this reincarnation of a much-beloved show would be received world-wide...because, we absolutely hated it! Seriously, we didn't want to...but, we did...with a screen-screaming passion.


Disrespect...for Pulse [definitely, too soon]. Apart from one [he's not difficult to spot]...vile and contemptuous characters. Apart from Rock'n'Roll Suicide, a dreadful soundtrack. That mullet!

Too many self-indulgent issues with very little content...and, that mullet. It focuses of the me, me, me...and, that mullet. There's very little in the way of an actual story that goes somewhere, anywhere...and, there's the mullet that should have gone and went, never to be seen again!

Look...if you haven't seen either of the previous editions...and, you are more of a snowflake than a raindrop...this will probably appeal [that is, if you are partial to vacuous, self-absorbed characters]. 

Interesting to see how the LGBT media has practically ignored this. A case of: Better to say nothing at all!?!

The only mistake Stephen Dunn made [there are quite a few others]...was to call it Queer as Folk - without that moniker, there would be less comparisons, parallels...and, less hatred.

Season 2? What do you think? 


The(ir) Blurb...

Russell T Davies' new Queer as Folk reboot has found its broadcaster.

The upcoming show, which will be set in New Orleans, is gearing up to air on NBCUniversal's Peacock streaming platform and will centre on "a diverse group of friends whose lives are transformed in the aftermath of a tragedy," according to Entertainment Weekly.

Cast & Characters

Juliette Lewis (as (1 episode, 2022))
Kim Cattrall (as (1 episode, 2022))
Jesse James Keitel (as (1 episode, 2022))
Ed Begley Jr. (as (1 episode, 2022))
Eric Graise (as Marvin (1 episode, 2022))
Johnny Sibilly (as (1 episode, 2022))
Fin Argus (as (1 episode, 2022))
Ryan O'Connell (as (1 episode, 2022))
Benito Skinner (as (1 episode, 2022))
Sachin Bhatt (as (1 episode, 2022))
Devin Way (as (1 episode, 2022))
Chris Renfro (as (1 episode, 2022))
Armand Fields (as (1 episode, 2022))
Stephen Tyler Howell (as Newscaster (1 episode, 2022))
Candace Grace (as (1 episode, 2022))
Jon Michael Davis (as Mr. Alan (1 episode))
Leslie Nipkow (as Older Lesbian (1 episode))
Fabian Blache III (as Lawyer (uncredited) (1 episode, 2022))
Victoria Harris (as Tourist / ... (uncredited) (1 episode))