January Events...

  • Cine+Mas SF
  • Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival
  • Document Film Festival
  • Festival des Images aux Mots
  • Göteborg International Film Festival
  • Human Rights Watch Film Festival
  • Midsumma
  • Palm Springs International Film Festival
  • Reelout Queer Film + Video Festival in Kingston
  • Rotterdam International Film Festival
  • Salento Rainbow Film Fest
  • Slamdance Film Festival
  • Sundance
Reelout Queer Film + Video Festival in Kingston

Reelout Queer Film + Video Festival in Kingston

Friday, 28 January 2022 until Sunday, 06 February 2022

The Reelout Queer Film Festival is an annual 10-day event held in Kingston, ON Canada. We are one of the first queer film festivals in the calendar year and our festival exhibits independent, international films by and/or about LGBTQ+ lives with a strong focus on the intersections within our communities. Films focusing on race, health, ability, class, and age are equally as important as films about sexual orientation and gender. Our festival usually runs from late January to early February. There are no travel funds for guests outside the U.S but we have been able to provide accommodations for international guests if they can afford their own airfare. International and Canadian feature-length films will receive artist/screening fees as well as Canadian short films.

There are Audience Awards (title awards nothing monetary awarded) as well as the Betty Berghout award for BEST LOVE STORY and the Kim Renders BEST PERFORMANCES awards.


2021 films...

Alone With You

Baja Come Down

Being Black in Porn

Down in Paris

Emergence: Out of the Shadows




Potato Dreams of America

Queer Coolie-tudes

See You Then

Stupid for You



Short Films…

Amours Pluriels


Amato is about the diversity of polyamorous models in the Quebec portrait. Three unique and interrelated stories are staged through performing arts. SEIZURE WARNING. Strobe lights are used in this film. (contient une séquence qui pourrait affecter les clients susceptibles d'avoir des crises d'épilepsie photosensible

Amato est un portrait de la diversité des modèles polyamoureux au Québec. Trois histoires uniques et interreliées sont développées par les arts de la scène.


Curfew (Couvre Feu)

After meeting on a dating app, Tom and John decide to give each other a chance to be more than just two anonymous bodies, as they take a walk in the snowy Montreal winter. Even though John does not speak nor French, nor English, the two start bonding. But the curfew is just around the corner...

S’étant connus grâce à une appli de rencontre, Tom et John veulent se donner la chance d’être plus que deux corps anonymes en marchant ensemble dans l’hiver enneigé à Montréal. Même si John ne parle ni français, ni anglais, les deux commencent à nouer des liens. Mais le couvre-feu va commencer…


Hugo 6:30

Hugo, a young actor is asked to improvise narrating a story where he’s the actor and director at an audition. He unfolds a tale that explores sex, disease and self-emancipation.

On demande à Hugo, un jeune acteur, d’improviser une histoire où il est l’acteur et le metteur en scène lors d’une audition. Il crée un récit qui explore sexe, maladie et auto-émancipation.


Beautiful Stranger

Romain, in his thirties, has just been dumped by his boyfriend. Lonely and romantic, he tries a dating app and will make two surprising encounters in a two-star hotel.

Une nuit, dans une chambre d’hôtel, Romain, un trentenaire surmené, vient juste de se faire plaquer par son partenaire de longue date. Cherchant réconfort, il ouvre une session sur une appli de rencontre et est confronté par un utilisateur insouciant et un Don Juan obstiné.


Men in Blue: 12 Stories (Les Garcons Bleus: 12 Portraits)

Mapping of what it is to be a man today, through portraits of 12 men, of all genders and from all backgrounds. Facing Francisco, each protagonist strips off in front of his camera and speak about themselves in a documentary format, animated in rotoscopy with more than 500 blue ballpoint pen drawings.

Cartographier ce que c’est que d’être un homme aujourd’hui par des portraits de 12 hommes de tous genres et de toutes origines. Face à Francisco, chaque protagoniste se déshabille devant sa caméra et parle d’eux-mêmes dans un format de documentaire animé en rotoscopie avec plus de 500 dessins au stylo-bille bleu.



A woman does not know how to tell her girlfriend about the new activity she has found to empower herself. Cléo est une actrice en difficulté. Elle trouve difficile de partager sa nouvelle activité avec son amoureuse même si ça aide à son émancipation.


Sapphic Shorts

Variable & Fugacious

Francisca and Sofía, an open couple, meet Anaís, a young Turkish woman, with whom they establish a beautiful friendship that makes them question their own relationship.


an ode to queer friendship

'an ode to queer friendship' is the culmination of my explorations of memory and childhood through the lens of my relationship with my dearest friend and chosen family, ᓯᐦᐟ, a queer Indigenous femme.


Static Space

Jamie is a young woman living in rural Indiana struggling to figure out her place and identity. When she inadvertently stumbles across a frequency on her ham radio and makes contact with astronaut Noa currently orbiting Earth, the two women are presented with the opportunity to find meaningful connection, even while worlds apart.


For One Night

When she discovers that Diana cheated on her, Caterina decides to end their relationship. Saying goodbye will be harder than expected.


Queer Isolation

A short drama about Noelle, a young transgender woman of color forced back into the closet when she moves back in with her parents after losing her job due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Toe The Line

TOE THE LINE follows Gloria Chau, a closeted teenage hockey player. When she's not on the ice, she's got a guitar in her hands and a snapback on her head. Her mother Nancy, a stylish Hong Kong woman, spends sleepless nights worrying about Gloria's failing grades. Gloria is torn between two worlds: the fun but cutthroat world of hockey where she gets to be loud and proud in her queerness, and the one at home

where she's a recluse, using music to cope with being forced into becoming someone she's not.

Underlying these tensions is a deep racial divide. She learns to use the power of her ancestors to seek new purpose and redefine success for herself.


Bravo Brazil!

His Voice

Carrying his homosexuality as a silent burden, Juliano spends his days spreading god’s message through the streets of Rio. With a modern progressive approach to preaching, his youth group convert many but, after falling in love with a boy, he sees his faith fading.



Just before the pandemic, the world experiences a phenomenon never seen before. Marilene looks for her daughter Roberta, a trans woman who went missing. While running out of time, she discovers a hope for the future.


Adam, Eve and the Forbidden Fruit

After 15 years, a transgender woman finally has the opportunity to get closer to her son.


A Team of Two

Flávio and Wendel are from the same soccer school and they share the dream of being a professional soccer player. Flávio is having doubts whether he should keep trying and when he thinks about quitting, Wendel realizes that what they feel for each other might be more than just friendship.


Coming Into Bloom

Coming Into Bloom sheds light on the challenges of growing old in Brazil as a woman who loves women. the filmmaker bisexual, reflects on her own ties based on the experiences of Yone Lindgren, founder of the lesbian movement in the country.


Darling Buds of May

Dal Bhat

Based in a small village in Kutch, India; 10-year-old Mukti wishes to swim in the newly filled lake, after a drought spanning for years. A seemingly simple wish turns to an unexpected discovery about himself, which causes him to question himself, the stigma around it, and his wish to swim in the lake.


I Am Leo

Wide meadows, romping in the woods and building cabins. Leo spends the autumn holidays with big sister Noémie and cousin Emil on Grandma Marlies' farm. However when Leo is surprised by what Grandma Marlies calls big news, Leo faces an identity crisis.



Rabia and Maddie, a pupil and teacher, form a friendship under the unlikeliest of circumstances.



Lilith the Vampire is going on a date with a girl she likes and wants to impress but runs into a monster hunter that is ruining her night. Lilith risks being revealed as a monster and ruining the night she planned out, can she save the date?


Once Upon a Drag Storytime- Going for the Gold

Unbeknownst to Keith and Mohinder, Gavin, the presumed captain of the Blokes, has hijacked today's Drag Storytime by enrolling the trio into a gymnastics competition! Disappointed to miss story time, Keith and Mohinder sneakily read "Peanut Goes for the Gold!" by Jonathan van Ness whenever Gavin is distracted, but end up ruining all his efforts when a chaotic scramble ensues from a lack of rehearsing the routine. Just when Gavin is ready to give up, Keith and Mohinder find inspiration from the book to encourage Gavin to try again. 


Intersections: QTBIPOC Shorts Collection

I Identify As Me

I Identify as Me" is a chorus of gender-diverse women and people who are queer & trans Black, Indigenous, People of Color (QTBIPoC). Their stories allow us to reflect on the truth that the intersectionalities of gender and people are infinite; honoring this brings us a step closer to liberating ourselves from damaging social constructs.


as british as a watermelon

mandla rae has a selective memory and they are scrambling to piece together their life. as british as a watermelon questions what it means to belong through exploring mandla’s fragmented asylum and migration memories.


The O Show

This documentary looks at the life and work of Orene Askew (aka DJ O Show) as a motivational speaker, DJ and inspiration to youth and her many peers in Vancouver, BC.


Cà Phê 179

Archival sequences of a queer, Vietnamese-Canadian's search for identity, crafting a portrait of their own, their family's, and their home country's histories.


Shea, by NASRA

A family displaced by greed searches for a new home in a foreign place. As they explore they discover pieces of themselves; old and new. "Shea" celebrates what has always remained in Black/African peoples, an innate sense of home, luxury and interconnectedness.


Frozen Out

An immigrant artist in Iowa retreats to frozen prairies, forests, and swamps, trying to find a meaningful story and escape from the anxieties of dislocation. Delivered as a film-letter to the protagonist’s little sister in rural China, the film considers his self-exile as well as mental health struggles that were too shameful to address back home.


Gay As in Happy: A Queer Anti-Tragedy

An experimental autoethnographical documentary about queer joy, resistance, and resilience in the face of abuse, trauma, and transphobia.



This movie narrates the life of a person who is experiencing the most critical situation in his relationship, and has to make only one choice.



China Doll - A Many Splendored Queen! The Documentary

A profile of a Chinese Canadian restaurateur with a big heart, running a successful restaurant, hosting wild karaoke parties & making people happy as the amazing, flamboyant, wonderful drag queen CHINA DOLL!


I'm a Fag for You

Inspired by the cinematography of "Truth or Dare" and "Paris is Burning," this video is an homage to late 80s/early 90s gay culture and aesthetic. Shot in 16mm, it features co-director Vivek Shraya and two other queer dancers (Rodney Diverlus and Phil Villeneuve) reclaiming streets and sidewalks, common sites of homophobic violence, and the word "fag." Also a creative response to the loss of queer spaces during the pandemic, we hope that this video will remind queer viewers that they aren't alone, even when we can only connect virtually, and that our queerness-and faggotry-is beautiful and alive.


Herman@S (Sibnlingx)

One night in October 2011, a mysterious dream gives birth to Cuco, a transgender latex pirate.


Eat the Rainbow

A musical fable about an odd yet kind man named Bayani who moves into a conservative suburban neighborhood and disrupts the otherwise comfortable homogeny. He doesn't look or act like anyone else which causes fear and panic and eventually a demand for him to leave the neighborhood. Cousin Wonderlette befriends Bayani and together they take on the opposition led by manipulative and unscrupulous realtor Lobelia Gerber.


Heavy Petting

A lonely young woman scrambling to fill the void left by a missing household pet forges a strange and tenuous bond with an unexpected visitor role-playing in a cat costume. When the animal returns, the visitor is discarded and returns to life of profound solitude and invisibility, which inspires a macabre test of their social obscurity.


Pop's Corn

Bratty boyslut won't stop fussin' 'til his daddies serve a spitroast unlike any other. Viewer Discretion Warning: This film is def NSFW. It contains full-frontal male nudity and depictions of sounding. (Look it up).


Bigger, Older, Sadder, Bolder

Path of a Ghost

An elderly and socially awkward lone wolf, Einar Svensson, decides to pursue his chance of finding true love one last time by signing up to a speed dating event. After a while, Einar’s insecurities begin to influence his behavior on each date.


Sand Land

A middle-aged man, Charlie, wakes up every day trying to get over the loss of his beloved. One morning, he follows the apparition of his deceased partner to the ocean, where he almost drowns.


The Washing Machine

To start a washing machine is not so easy for everyone. You still have to choose the right program...


The Third Solar Term

Shortly after The Third Solar Term of the Chinese Calendar (the Awakening of Insects), Qizhe returns home to spend his spring break with his mother. After meeting a man who he originally met online, he begins to lose control of his double life- one which is living true to himself, and the other, which is pretending to be the perfect son.


Sexual Distancing

Two guys, one deadly virus, a city in quarantine and a lot of sexual desperation.


Bigger Is Better

A documentary about the identity culture and body politics of the bear subculture within a larger gay male community in Asia. It takes the audience to Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China to meet with stakeholders and examines the development of this unique subculture and its meaning and impact.


Katinngak (Together)

Kwêskosîw (She Whispers)