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Trans Pride Brighton Short Film Event

Trans Pride Brighton Short Film Event

IMPORANT NOTE: Due to Trans Pride Brighton being cancelled, the Trans Pride Film Festival will also be cancelled, but will resume again in 2021. Please do not send in any submissions now, but wait for the deadline to open again next year. Thank you!

My Genderation is hosting the Trans Pride Film Night on the 17th July 2020, to present a selection of short films exploring a variety of trans lives and experiences worldwide. This is the 8th Annual Trans Pride Film Event.

We are looking for short films under 25 minutes that represent trans experience. This can be either fact or fiction.

The films have to be made by trans film makers or a crew with a significant amount of trans people involved, or where a trans person played a key role in the creation of the film.

We are particularly encouraging submissions that are fiction films, and films by and/or about trans people of colour, non-western trans people, trans people with disabilities, bi+ trans people, trans people of faith, older trans people, and non binary people.


Best Fictional Short

Best Non Fictional Short

Best Cinematography

Best Acting

Best Script

Most Engaging Trans Content

Awards will be selected by an independent panel of awesome trans people.