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  • Aks International Minorities Festival, Film – Art – Dialogue
  • Antwerp Queer Arts Festival
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Splice Film Fest

Splice Film Fest

Thursday, 23 June 2022 until Sunday, 26 June 2022

Welcome to SPLICE Film Fest! We are a NYC (Brooklyn) based selective international film and video art festival showcasing all genres of short films, music videos, and subjects ranging in length of at least 1 minute to no more than 10 minutes.

We are particularly interested in filmmakers whose work is underrepresented either by gender identification, ethnicity, subject/topic. We are open to any and all stories, and are looking to build a community through our festival that is accepting and welcoming for all to submit, and share their work with our live audience. The festival for 2021 will take place in Brooklyn, New York on June 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th at Film Noir Cinema.

We accept: abstract/experimental, video art, animation, documentary, traditional narrative, comedy, social justice, LGBTIQQ, mixed media, music video, performance art, erotica/adult, and everything in between. It's up to you to choose the best category or categories in which to enter your film. You must pay the fee for each category you enter.

We welcome and encourage work by students, amateur, and professional filmmakers. Each film will be judged by its own merit, and not by its budget.

All erotica/adult films must submit release forms via email specifying that all participants are 18 and over.

While we accept all genres, we will NOT accept films that could be deemed hate speech, abusive or derogatory towards a group of people.

All student submissions are only $10, but you must provide proof of your current student status via email to receive the discounted submission. You must submit in the "STUDENT" category ONLY to receive the discounted submission. Your film will be disqualified if you do not provide proof of your student status, and you will NOT get a refund on the $10. Any submission into other categories will require you to pay the normal entry fee.

Awards & Prizes

CLAUDE & SUE CORTY AWARD - This award was created by Dr. Eric Corty to honor his parents Claude and Sue Corty who both endured horrific conditions that made it necessary to emigrate to the United States. They met and built a life in the United States, raised two sons, paid their taxes, and were good citizens. The embodiment of this award is that immigration is good. This award is for the best film about any topic of immigration. It is open to DOCUMENTARIES ONLY from around the world that share stories of people emigrating. In order to be eligible for the prize money, YOU MUST ENTER IN THIS CATEGORY ONLY FOR THE COMPETITION. By entering the Claude & Sue Corty Award, you agree to have your entry displayed on the SPLICE Film Fest site, and for it to be included in the "Winners" screenings.

***WINNER - 1st Place - $750 cash award, plaque, & laurels ***
(This is for the Claude & Sue Corty Award ONLY.)

***FINALIST - 2nd Place - $350 cash award, plaque, and laurels***
(This is for the Claude & Sue Corty Award ONLY.)

***SEMI FINALIST - 3rd Place - $250 cash award, plaque, and laurels***
(This is for the Claude & Sue Corty Award ONLY.)